When it comes to financial freedom, Multifamily Syndication is where Tim and Greg Lyons found theirs. Both of these gentlemen wanted more Financial Freedom and time to spend with their families. Starting their Journeys from different areas helped them build and manage their own company together. Their company has invested in over 1.4 billion dollars in commercial real estate that includes over 6,000 multifamily units. Their targeted IRR is 15% and they have a cash on cash return up to 10%.

Becoming the best at Multifamily Syndication was no easy task. Together they learned how to maximize their investment dollars and access alternative investment options. They offer due diligence and independent research on individual markets. Are many benefits of investing in syndication real estate. These benefits look like revolving cash flow money leveraging home equity property appreciation and various tax benefits. If you want to learn how to break free and make more money than most people you must learn how to invest your dollars differently. In reality not all Investments are made equal.

Listening to the passive income Brothers podcast is one sure way to learn more about how multifamily syndication works. This podcast has published over 65, 1 hour long episodes. In the podcasts they have interviewed independent entrepreneurs just like yourself. You are likely to become motivated to become an investor after only listening to one of their podcasts. Syndication investment is really a great way to generate a revolving income and increase public property values. Sometimes this includes bringing an existing multifamily housing up to current standards. Most improvements attract higher paying tenants and which also yields better return on investments.

If you want to partner with the very best in the syndication industry look no further than the Lyons Brothers. With the diversity of four different classes these brothers have the knowledge to prove that they know what they are talking about. in these different classes of multifamily assets you’re likely to see massive returns in all of them. but the main focus is on a stabilized occupancy and cash flow. In turn This will guarantee consistent profits while the value and property appreciates. The current market is strong but also has a promise some of the most notable cash returns seen

so if you are looking to start your investing Journey now, be sure to find out how to get started with a free 15 minutes consultation call at (516) 521-7762 And if you want to learn more before you call you can always visit our website at https://citysidecap.com/ you can even see what some of our partners are doing through our blog in our website. and also be sure to listen to the passive income Brothers podcast every week to get motivated in learning how your money can work for you. you can not get rich sitting still move forward today with the Lyons Brothers

Multifamily Syndication | Make Your Money Work For You

In the business of multifamily syndication you are able to invest your dollars with other Reputable businesses and individuals who have the same goals and mindset as you. you are able to create Financial Freedom for not only yourself but for generations that come after you. with markets across the United States you are likely to find a partnered property that is right for you. Many investment types include stabilized multifamily properties in which an investor purchases without plans to redevelop or reposition the asset. you must ensure that your rent keeps up with inflation and you are able to keep occupancy and cash flow.

At Cityside capital our focus is always multifamily syndication. Though there are millions of ways to invest your money, many investors are not familiar with syndication. every investment situation is different but we will always provide quality reporting to you. This reporting could be monthly or quarterly depending on the projects that you need kept up to date with. We are licensed and have the credentials to prove it. Some real estate “experts” will never show you the credentials to back up their claims but we will.

With many many different class markets, multifamily syndication can be confusing. Let us make it easy for you to understand first hand with a 15 minute consultation call alongside our partners. Though each class has its upbringings and downfalls. No class is necessarily better than the other as each delivers a return on investments. Whether you are looking to invest into multi-family units self-storage or an industrial asset We Are The Firm for you. look no further than the dynamic duo of the Lyons Brothers. Coming from diverse backgrounds of success, together they have the knowledge to put their clients first. This is going to be the place that does so many great things for you. This is the company that will put you over the top.

Have you ever heard of a 1031 exchange? If not , then we can teach you first-hand how to defer 100% of your capital gains taxes. Cityside Capital will work with the most Savvy Real Estate Investors to hunt down replacement properties that are within the guidelines of the IRS to ensure that your capital gains taxes are seeing continued deferral. We always provide proven solutions to find suitable replacement properties with the right debt ratio price tag and closing schedule to meet your individual needs. If you would like to receive the full benefits of the 1031 exchange, your replacement investment should be in equal or greater value.

Although all of this might sound confusing to someone who has never looked into the business before, we are able to teach you everything from the roots to the roofs. If you are ready to take control of your life today and create generational wealth for many years to come, schedule your first discovery call with us today. You can always find more information on our website found at https://citysidecap.com/ and when you are ready to call you can reach us anytime at (516) 521-7762. We can not wait to show you how far your money can grow.