Entering the world of Multifamily Syndication is not always ideal for everybody. But it is helpful for anybody who wants to put in the work to become financially free or not only themselves but for their family who can follow with it. Talking with city-side capital is a great way to explore what is out there farther than the world of investing. The easiest way to start your contact with Cityside capital is through their 15 minute free consultation call which you can schedule anytime.

If you have ever been curious as to why Citysideyside capital is the best at Multifamily Syndication, all you have to do is read what some of our clients have to say about us. We have continued to prove ourselves with over 1.4 billion dollars in commercial real estate in our portfolio. In this we have over 6000 multifamily units. In all of these days we have a targeted irr of over 15% or more. We are licensed and focused as we specialize in real estate syndication.

Multifamily Syndication It’s not something that many investors are knowledgeable on. This is one of the capabilities that makes us a leading professional In the world of passive real estate investments. Our daughter driven market and asset selection with a third party due diligence and underwriting process which also puts us in the leading team. We are licensed to protect and preserve your Capital as registered Representatives with series 81 and 63 licenses. We always offer a personalized service and we will provide you with a Quality Reporting process. We provide monthly or quarterly reporting depending upon the project that you need to be kept up to date with.

There’s a large variety of benefits that you can find whenever you enter the world of Real Estate investing. you are likely to find a recurring cash flow that helps you receive a passive income on a monthly and quarterly basis without having to trade your time or money.Our team helps you Leverage The operational and Market expertise so that you can simplify and diversify yourself into more markets and assets without having to manage everything yourself. one of the larger beauties of real estate investment is Appreciation. as a value add investor into multiple strategic markets you will benefit from this forced appreciation which in turn helps you maximize your return.

If you are ready to learn more about our portfolio you can head over to our website at https://citysidecap.com/ and see what other people are saying about us on our blog or even on our podcast which has over 60 published episodes. you can also call to set up your 15 minute Discovery call with one of our partners at any time by calling (516) 521-7762 We can’t wait to hear from you and to help you plan your future investment opportunities which in turn will help grow not only yourself but your wealth.

Multifamily Syndication | Investing in Yourself

Cityside capital is the leader in passive real estate and Multifamily Syndication. you can invest with confidence when using our due diligence. It is time for you to maximize your investment dollars as we offer alternative investments into exclusive real estate. With Benefits that come from cash flow leveraging Equity appreciation as well as many tax benefits you can guarantee that you will see a benefit no matter where you start from. Our partners are licensed to protect and Preserve your investment with their series 82 and series 63 licenses.

with over 1.4 billion dollars in our Multifamily Syndication portfolio. We Are The Proven Professionals of our field. We have over 6,000 multi-family units spread across the United states. One of the best benefits of being a real estate investor is being Your Own Boss. If you want to have more money than the average person then you must learn to invest differently than the average person. Not all Investments are created equally, in fact many investment options do not even allow you to keep an eye on every penny that you have earned. by knowing the key secrets to investing like we can outline for you you will not only make the best investment decisions but also steadily build your own worth.

Multifamily Syndication Has not always been where the Lions Brothers have excelled. Our founders Timothy Lyons and Greg Lyons started their Journey far before Cityside capital. though they are both registered representatives of Phase One Financial Services LLC, they have both had to work through trial and error To reach the success that they have found today. just like you they were tired of trading their time for money. these men truly flew outside of their comfort zone.

Cityside Capital specializes directly in real estate syndications they are licensed and also provide education on various different ways of how to invest into the real estate market even if you are not familiar with syndications. they offer alternatives to the stock market bearing in different classes of real estate and various locations. they also offer great Quality Reporting you will never have to wonder where your investment is going when they provide monthly and quarterly reporting. as a value at multi-family investment is a great way to generate income and potentially increase property value it also involves bringing an existing multi-family home up to current regulations and standards by adding or updating amenities.

if you are ready to start your journey to success and Financial Freedom to live life beyond to our own terms then it would be beneficial for you to visit their website at https://citysidecap.com/ you are also able to set up a 15 minute consultation call Anytime by calling (516) 521-7762 once you have done this be prepared to start living the dream of financial freedom. we are here to walk beside you every step of the way and teach you everything that we know. it’s time that you value life more than life itself. Here is one of the greatest places where you can find a good guarantee. Come find out what Cityside is going to do for you any and every time you want to have it.