If you are looking to invest in Multifamily Syndication, partnering with Cityside Capital might be the right choice for you. With various markets all across the United States, we are able to find a place that’s right for you to invest. The idea of investing into a multi family home revolves around the idea of maintaining occupancy, cash flow, and ensuring that rent keeps up with the inflation of today’s market. With over 6000 multi family units in the market we have proven that our systems work. The five main benefits of real estate investment are cash flow, leverage equity, appreciation, and also tax benefits.

The founders of Cityside Capital are Timothy Lyons and Greg Lyons. These brothers started this business to make their money work for them. Starting a multifamily syndication was not the first on the list for the Lyons brothers. Tim started his first investment with a tri-family rental property. With the help of his brother Greg, these brothers were able to tackle the market head on. Focusing on different classes of real estate, this makes the diversification of investing easy. There are four different classes of multi-family properties.

Class A multifamily syndications are the best of the best in residential real estate, these properties offer premium rental prices and luxurious amenities for their tenants. Class B properties do not offer as many high end comforts but still offer attractive, residential packages. Class C multi family homes work best for the budget, friendly tenants, but frequently need renovations to become revolving investments. Class D apartments usually require many repairs and upgrades. When it comes down to it, each of these classes have their own perks and downfalls. Finding a stabilized multi family syndication property is no easy goal, but the focus is to maintain the occupancy and cash flow.

When looking for real estate experts, make sure you find one who is licensed! At Cityside Capital we have the credentials to uphold our expertise and personalized service. We add value to your money when making it work for you, and provide the education to teach you how to invest in real estate. When our strategies are put in place correctly, everyone wins. There are many great ways to increase a property’s value, and when done correctly this benefits both the investors and the renters. Investing in a multifamily syndication is no easy task but once you make your money work for you, it is a revolving door.

So if you are looking to partner with the investors who know the right stuff, Cityside Capital is the place for you. It is time to make your investments work for you, start today with a 15 minute discovery call. Learn how to find available investment opportunities and live life to your own terms. Get in touch with us today at citysidecap.com or call us anytime at (516) 521-7762! We can’t wait to hear from you and are excited to teach you how to take control of your own life.

Multifamily Syndication | Making Life Valuable

When learning about passive multifamily syndication, we are able to teach from the roots to the roofs. We strive to help individuals discover and reap the benefits of passive income. Over the years, our business has evolved and legitimized our capital building by joining a broker dealer focused through multi family, self storage and industrial syndications. Securing our series 82 and 63 licenses has given us and our investors layers of thorough comfort when it comes to investing alongside Cityside Capital. With over 1.4 billion in commercial real estate, our team has proven to find a system that works.

When searching for the benefits of multifamily syndication, you are likely to find recurring cash flow, money leveraging, equity, appreciation and tax benefits. Each of these benefits are specialized in real estate syndications. Why is it important to make your money work for you? Financial freedom and time freedom. Cityside Capital works alongside investors to search and find replacement properties that are within the guidelines of the IRS, ensuring that your capital gains taxes are deferred. Working with our broker dealer who performs extra due diligence on individual properties, we provide solutions for placement properties when it comes to debt ratio, closing schedule and pricing.

The definition of a 1031 exchange is merely a revenue code that allows you to avoid paying capital gains taxes when you sell investment properties and reinvest those proceeds to another property. Most importantly noted, that in a 1031 transaction, capital gains are not eliminated, but deferred. In multifamily syndications, taxpayers must report exchanges to the IRS form 8824. Any central concept for understanding in a commercial real estate is depreciation. This is one of the benefits in the 1031 exchange. When a property sells for more than its appreciated value you will have to recapture the depreciation.

This means that amount will be included in your taxable income for sale of the property. When expected to receive the full benefits of your 1031 exchange, the replacement property must be of equal or greater value. You must find a replacement property for the assets sold in 45 days and close this exchange within 180 days. One key benefit in participating with a 1031 exchange, is you take the tax deferred to the grave. That means if you die without a sale of the property obtained, the heirs will receive it at a stepped up market value rate. The market of multi family home investing properties is bound to appreciate and grow in time. We’re going to be offering the best things to you.

In this industry, there are many pros and cons, retaining the benefits of this will guarantee you in life long success and relationships with these personalized passive income partners. Not only that, you are guaranteed financial freedom while your money works for you. If you are ready to begin your life pass to financial freedom, find us at citysidecap.com or reach us anytime via telephone at 516-521-7762. We look forward to becoming your partner in your venture to success and freedom through multifamily syndication.