In the business of Multifamily Syndication, you are your own boss. That is something to be most excited about. With a commercial portfolio with over 1.4 billion dollars in real estate it is proven that we are the leading competition in our industry. We have over 6,000 multi-family units with a 15% targeted irr. Typically we see a targeted 10% of cash on cash returns. One of the biggest benefits of this type of investing is the recurring cash flow.

Multifamily Syndication has Many more benefits than that. You can also see the beauty of equity as this income covers the debt and expenses in turn meaning that your tenants help you build equity. Because we are known as a value investor into multiple markets you always benefit from a forced appreciation which always maximizes your returns. With all of this you can also expect to reduce, eliminate or even defer your taxes from the profits of your real estate investment meaning you keep more of the money that you make.

Timothy and Greg Lyons got started in Multifamily Syndication simply to make their own dreams come true. As both men have families and children of their own, they were tired of trading their time for money. So neither of them knew everything they needed to know in the beginning with time and education they have both become the license holders of the section 82 and 63 Licenses. Timothy Lyons is also a registered representative with the Phase One Financial Services LLC which is known as a broker deal based out of New York City. Greg is also a registered representative of Phase 1 Financial Services LLC in New York city.

Becoming a capital raiser was no easy task for either of the brothers. They were able to Niche down the multifamily real estate industry and that is where they found their calling. Every day they wake up ready to tackle the entire world of real estate and they love to talk about it even more. Even more, they want to teach people in the world about how to become financially free Just as they did. They have the confidence to work with everyday investors, the highest net worth individuals as well as 1031 exchangers. They want to talk about your portfolio transformation, various buckets of income and how to diversify just outside of the stock market to solely not rely on your 401K.

As our business has evolved over the years we have legitimized our Capital raising and taught others how to do the same. So if you are a like-minded individual we would be excited to have you on our team. you can find us online To learn more at any time. we also offer a 15 minute consultation Discovery call, which you can get in contact with our partners at (516) 521-7762. we can not wait to have you alongside Us in the journey to Financial Freedom.

Multifamily Syndication | Making Dreams Come True

Invest with confidence using Multifamily Syndication. As our company offers due diligence and also research on operators, markets and vast opportunities we have a data driven Market and a goal asset selection with third party underwriting and due diligence. With 1031 exchange Solutions and alternative investment strategies for retirement accounts we are experienced and thoroughly vetted with the most strategic partners. We are licensed to protect your money through our series 82 and 63 licenses. We cannot wait to teach you about all the benefits that syndication investment brings.

The first guarantee of multifamily syndication is a revolving cash flow benefit. We will help you receive and earn a passive income on a monthly or quarterly basis without you having to trade your hard work and time for money. As retaining continued occupancy your tenants help you build constant equity in your properties as that rental income is enough to cover the cost of debt and expenses in your real estate. You also get the advantage of our team’s expert marketing experience so you can easily diversify yourself into many markets and asset classes without having to maintain them yourself.

Our Founders have become the class experts in Multifamily Syndication. They strive to scream from the rooftops and teach other individuals just like yourself how to become financially free in the market of syndication. Their goal is to help others realize that the power of investing in real estate can create passive income while building generational wealth. Cityside Capital has over 1.4 billion dollars in commercial assets which also include more than 6,000 multi-family units. If you have ever been curious of how you can put your money to work for you let us teach you the way.

We are known as a value add investment company. This simply means that we put forth the improvements to help draw in higher paying tenants which in return will yield a better return on an investment. When done properly this type of strategy benefits both the investor who gets to see the larger profits in the future as well as the renters who always get to enjoy the nicer accommodations at a continued competitive rate. Our Focus is to maintain occupancy and cash flow and ensure that rent increases always keep up with the cost of inflation. These properties often attract investors, who are seeking an investment that is more secure to where their capital can grow with time on a predictable stream of income for you.

If you have ever found yourself wanting to enter the world of real estate investing look no further than Cityside capital. our train professionals have the right education knowledge and partners to help you get started whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fit. if you are ready to learn more you can always reach us on our website to learn more at and when you are ready you can set up your free consultation call by calling us directly at our phone number (516) 521-7762 we cannot wait to partner with you anywhere in the United States to help you become financially free.