Many people have never heard of Multifamily Syndication. if you have not either, this is your sign to learn more today. We are here to guide you to and teach you every step of the way. We are licensed and driven with strategic partners and representatives to maximize every dollar you invest. Our company offers access to Alternative Investments in the most exclusive real estate and also insight into a 1031 exchange placement with accredited investors and Financial advisors. invest your money with the highest confidence when using our done for you due diligence.

With over 6,000 Multifamily Syndication units in our commercial real estate portfolio we have seen more than 1.4 billion dollars in return. We also have a targeted irr percentage of 15% or more and this includes up to 10% in cash on cash returns. With this type of cash flow you can surely see that real estate investing is the most passive income. The beauty of cash flow in real estate is that the income from rentals often cover the debt and expenses meaning that your tenants build your equity.

We are known as a Multifamily Syndication value add investor through multiple strategic markets with this you will benefit from Forced appreciation which in turn will maximize every dollar in return. Most investors have a portfolio that is weighed down with only one asset type which typically consist of stocks and or publicly traded assets which leads to the lack of diversification. There are also other investors who might also lack the knowledge, time experience and or the network of an experienced real estate operator or sponsor who can confidently offer best in a quality project that offers a better return.

It is time to break social normality and for you to become the next extraordinary investor. It’s likely that you want to have more money than most people in the world but in order to do this you must invest your money differently than most people in the world. In this reality not all Investments are made equally. It is a proven fact that most investment options that you have today do not allow you to keep sight of every dollar you have earned. With us we will help you learn the key knowledge To invest in like we have outlined above.

With us you can not only make the best investment decisions possible but you can also steadily build your wealth over your lifetime. Building a partnership with us can guarantee financial success and time freedom. so if you are excited and ready to get started on your journey to wealth find our website at and after you have done that you can call us anytime at our number (516) 521-7762 we also offer a 15 minute consultation call to help you learn how the syndication business works. also be sure to tune in to the passive income Brothers podcast which has over 60 published episodes.

Multifamily Syndication | Build Your Wealth From Anywhere

There could be many reasons that you are not investing into Multifamily Syndication yet. Most people were not raised with the knowledge that they are investing options in the real estate world that do not require being the direct owner and or manager who retains all of the liabilities risk. Some others are limited to the knowledge in which they are stuck with REITs which tends to only reflect the downside of the stock market and offering only lower returns all of this without the most beneficial tax benefits that ownership holds. It is time to find a better option.

There are also others who may just lack the knowledge of Multifamily Syndication. This could be the lack of knowledge in real estate, the time experience for the confidence to invest in an institutional quality real estate project that can offer you the best return. Most investors’ profiles have a portfolio that is weighted down in a single asset class. It’s time that you learn how to break social normality. The easiest way to start is by listening to the passive income Brothers podcast.

In this podcast, Multifamily Syndication Is the main topic between Greg and Timothy Lyons. They also welcome some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the real estate business. The show was created to inform active investors of how the syndication business works and how to improve their own business. They invite you to come listen and learn more about many strategies to earn passive income in the multifamily investing business. with over 60 published episodes you’re likely to absorb a vast variety of knowledge in a business of investing. You can start building your wealth today. it’s so much easier when they have made the mistakes for you so you don’t have to. Build wealth today while letting your dollar work for you by contacting us. Our portfolio is built in such a smart way for our clients.

Cityside Capital offers some of the best in class free Discovery calls where you can learn how to get started in your real estate investment Journey. In this call you are able to evaluate available opportunities in the investment industry and they will help you decide where you want to begin investing. You can build wealth today and learn how to live the life of your dreams while you collect returns and let your money do the hard work for you. do not hesitate to let your money generate income of its own.

If you have found yourself excited and ready to begin this journey you can look up our website at to get the most extensive information available and whenever you are ready, you can call us anytime directly at our number (516) 521-7762. We can not wait to hear from you and help you set up the road to Financial Freedom and live a long life of success in the world of syndication. We invite you to follow in the footsteps of these professionals, who will walk besides you as you learn every step of the way.