In the system of Multifamily Syndication the earnings are limitless in recurring revenue. Cofounders Timothy And Greg Lyons are brothers who found they work best together. Timothy himself has series 82 and also series 63 licenses and is most focused on raising capital one multi family, self storage also industrial assets provides the greatest adjusters in terms and passive income with the equity upside. Two people create his own passive income to be able to spend time with his family and three children after first partnering on a multi-family property. He sold the power within this real estate investing opportunity to grow and build wealth and his brother started growing a portfolio to help others realize their own power in real estate.

Tim found his earliest success to be linked to his education, investment coaches in mentors also for like-minded people to be beside him and his brother. His brother Greg is also a cohost on a podcast called passive income Brothers podcast in this podcast play highlights investors in creating streams of passive income. They launched this podcast in December 2022 at the top rated show with 130+ 5 star ratings. Multifamily Syndication has become a burning passion for the Lyons Brothers as they learn more they solely strive to teach others how to become successful under their own watch.

Greg furthered his education from the University of Virginia and graduated in the year of 2001. While there he was a member of the men’s basketball team and after college he spent several years coaching basketball at the University in South Carolina. Greg started his mentorship in real estate as a project manager for the company Husac, a real estate company, developer firm based out of Boise Idaho while there he helped develop a 77 unit condominium in downtown Boise. After that he became hooked onto the investment of real estate in the concept after his wife and himself purchased their very own investment property. Multifamily Syndication is where these brothers find the most out of the money when their money is working for them.

You may find yourself wondering how two guys like the Lyons Brothers found themselves under the thumb of financial freedom. It was not always easy for them, but working together has made the job so much easier. When investing into multifamily syndication the Lyons brothers are the professionals fit to sell. With many done for you due diligences with research operators you are likely to find your next home investment with us.

Are ready to take control of your income and passively reside in the home of time and money freedom? Do not wait any longer, visit our website at and schedule your first discovery call at 516-521-7762. We can not wait to work with you to build the residual income of your dreams. There are so many broker options around, and we know we are the fit to your each and every need.

Multifamily Syndication | Reap The Revue You Wish

When Multifamily Syndication is best known as group investing to purchase a property, the first one on the front lines is usually the investors themselves.This could be one of the most safe options when it comes to investing due to the constant demand in multifamily housing needs. In addition to this, these types of properties offer highly attractive turnover potential for passive income seekers. The various benefits of these type of real estate investments could flow anywhere between tax benefits, equity that covers debt and expenses, money leveraging, cash flow and market appreciation.

Our company has vetted systems to prove that we are the best. With over $1.4 billion in our commercial real estate portfolio and over 6,000 multi family units our targeted IRR percentage is at 15%. Typically we see an 8-10% with cash on cash returns. Most individuals who did not grow up around the options of investing towards real estate are unaware of the opportunities that underlie the quality projects. There are many investors, whose portfolios by one asset tag typically stocks, publicly traded it to a wide lot of diversification. That’s where we come into play. Most investors will lack the knowledge of multifamily syndication.

When you wish to learn more, The easiest way is to find a podcast that supports what you wish to learn about. An hour podcast, called the passive income brothers, podcast we teach you and some of the most successful entrepreneurs in our system of real estate business, how to improve their business and help other passive investors understand when and where to diversify their money. We make multifamily syndication simple. On our website, you can always find out what our clients are saying about us.

Are you ready to build your wealth today? Start by scheduling your first 15 minute discovery call to find out how you will get started and make this multifamily syndication easy. We can evaluate immediate available opportunities for you to invest and help you decide where you need to begin investing alongside us. We will build wealth and live the life of your dreams on your own terms and collect returns to let your dollars work in your favor. There are many real estate “experts “ who do not show the credentials to back up what they claim, they know. Both of these men bring in real time management skills from around the world. Cityside Capital has partnered in over $1.4 billion worth of commercial real estate properties.

If you have ever been curious as to how you can make your money work for you in the real world real estate syndications don’t continue down the path of daydreaming with investors who don’t know what they are talking about. We can get you closer to your financial goals after talking alongside Capital. You are on your way to town to start your own personal income and with 1031 exchange are other connections in the real estate world. You can learn more on our website at when you’re ready to set up your first discovery call, reach us anytime at 516-521-7762. We can not wait to help you take control of your life!