As licensed real estate coaches and investors in Multifamily Syndication we can guarantee you a diverse way to invest in your syndications. We personalize every service with every investor client for every property. Not all investors are familiar with syndications. That’s what makes us unique. We provide monthly and quarterly reporting, depending on which projects that you need to get up-to-date with. We provide value in multifamily properties through upgrading windows, fixtures, appliances, parking lots, landscaping, and other common areas. We are the best at what we do with our strategies, we make larger profits for the future investors and renters with nicer accommodations and a competitive market.

Learning about 1031 strategies and a passive real estate investment requires confidence and due diligence. Becoming a passive income earner is easy with the right mindset. We offer on site alternative investments in real estate for accredited investors and financial advisors with IRAs. When working towards recurring cash flow, leverage, equity, property appreciation and tax benefits, Multifamily Syndication has all the answers. Most people are unaware of the reason that they are not investing. Many people are blind to leading investment opportunities that real estate has. Many investors’ portfolios are weighed down heavily with only one asset class.

We diversified your portfolio into a variety of different investments. With Cityside Capital, your multifamily syndication investment is put first. You will always know where your dollar is put with our partners. We invite you to listen to our passive income strategies on our Passive Income Brothers Podcast. You can also schedule a 15 minute discovery call to figure out how to get started on your real estate investing journey. We can always evaluate available investment opportunities and help you decide when and where you want to invest. Start building your world today with Cityside Capital by your side.

How would you describe the Cityside Capital to your children? Syndication would not be easy to understand for the young brain. But simply put you could say turning your single dollar into $10 or even $100. Recurring revenue is something that has to be substantiated for today’s youth. With the current inflation in today’s world working only one job, will not get you by. Investing in multiple properties is a sure way to guarantee a steady income. With servicing locations throughout the United States, our portfolio has the credentials to prove that we are the best.

The best advantage of working with Cityside Capital is that we are licensed and real experts in the real estate world. Each industry situation is different and when it comes to syndication, it is easy to let your money work for you. These properties always attract institutional investors who are looking to secure their investments to which their capital can grow overtime with the most predictable income streams. If you are curious to begin your investment venture with us, reach out to us anytime at or call us at 516-521-7762.

Multifamily Syndication | Value Your Income

In a Multifamily Syndication investment, it is always our priority to find the best for what you are ready to invest into. With four different classes of multi-family properties it is easy to define where you want to start. Class A multi-family properties are the best, these real estate properties offer the best amenities and often offer the most premium rental rates. In comparison, class B properties often feature less of the high end amenities, but still offer very attractive packages for the residents. Multifamily family homes classified as class C are most ideal for budget conscious tenants, but often need frequent renovations in order to keep the renters happy. Finally class D apartments typically require a long list of repairs and upgrades to aesthetically please renters and in order to become a viable investment.

When an investor purchases a property, but does not have a plan to reposition and/or redevelop the asset, this is called a stabilized multifamily investment. This type of real estate is easy to focus on maintaining occupancy. The stabilized multifamily investment is in which you are not majority focused over the renovation, but rather keeping up with the profits in time with value appreciates.

You may find yourself asking who is the face behind Cityside Capital. Timothy Lyons alongside his brother Greg Lyons, this dynamic duo is responsible for the Multifamily Syndication of Cityside Capital. Together these brothers have also launched their very own podcast show called “The Passive Income Brothers Podcast” which can be found on their website. They launched this podcast in December of 2022 and reached and bypassed over 40,000 downloads. Timothy and Greg both are known as family men to love to reside beyond their comfort zone.

Timothy Lyons attributes most of his earliest success in the industry of real estate to education, coaches, mentors, and also surrounding himself with like-minded people. Greg Lyons would attribute his success to where he started his real estate experience in Boise, Idaho with the Hozac company where he helped develop a 77 unit condominium project. These Multifamily Syndication projects are often referred to as the bread and butter of the investment business. After both of these men have had successful careers and other areas, they would project themselves as the newfound professionals in their field. With our everyday items, we have the confidence to walk beside Grammy and speak about portfolio transformation, diverse buckets of income and also 1031 exchange outside of the stock market.

At the end of the day, when you are ready to let your money work for you, so you can have the financial freedom to live the life that you want, investing in multi-family syndication is one of the easiest and most prolific ways to passively leverage your dollar. So if you find yourself ready to take the leap into investing into multi family residences, the Lyons Brothers have your que to call. They’re ready to tackle your problems and conquer your dreams. You can check them out anytime at or call them directly at 516-521-7762. Live your life to your own terms!