What are the advantages to working with Cityside Capital?

  1. We are licensed! There’s a lot of so-called real estate ‘experts’ that do not have the credentials to back up their claims.
  2. We are focused! We specialize in real estate syndications.
  3. We provide education! There’s a million ways to invest in real estate but a lot of investors are not familiar with syndications.
  4. We offer diversification! We provide an alternative to the stock market, different classes of real estate (multifamily, self-storage and industrial) and various locations.
  5. We provide a personalized service! Every investor situation is different so we’re going to take the time to make sure your needs are being met.
  6. We provide quality reporting! You will never have to guess how your investment is fairing. We provide monthly or quarterly reporting depending on the project to keep you up to date.

If you’re curious about putting your money to work in real estate syndications, continuing down the path of the ‘daydream investor’ will not get you closer to your financial goals. Talking with Cityside Capital is a great way to spend 30 minutes exploring what’s out there. If nothing else, you learn more about syndications, passive investing, 1031 exchanges and make another connection in the real estate world. You will find out that our licensure puts you, the investor, first. We do not follow a script because we want to learn about you and how we can provide value to your investing journey.

Value Add Multifamily

A value add multifamily investment is a great way to generate income and potentially increase property values. It involves bringing an existing multifamily building up to current standards and adding features or amenities, such as installing energy-efficient windows, upgrading interior fixtures and appliances, reconstructing parking lots and landscaping, or adding common areas.

All of these improvements can help attract higher-paying tenants and yield better returns on investment. Value add multifamily can be a long-term investment with perks like increasing rents and lower operating costs that lead to greater profitability.

When done right, this kind of strategy can benefit both the investor, who gets a chance to see bigger profits in the future, as well as renters who enjoy nicer accommodations at competitive market rates.

Class A multifamily assets are the crème de la crème of residential real estate, offering luxury amenities and often commanding premium rental rates.

By contrast, Class B multifamily properties generally feature fewer upscale comforts yet still offer attractive resident packages and relatively high occupancy levels.

Class C multifamily homes are an ideal fit for budget-conscious tenants but need frequent renovations in order to attract renters.

Finally, Class D apartments typically require extensive repairs and aesthetic upgrades in order to become viable investments.

However, each class of multifamily property has its perks and pitfalls, meaning that no one class is necessarily better than the others—it all comes down to understanding the market and knowing which type of asset will deliver the highest returns.

A stabilized multifamily investment is a type of real estate property an investor purchases and has no plans to redevelop or reposition the asset.

The focus is on maintaining occupancy, cash flow and ensuring that rent increases keep up with inflation. The nature of a stabilized multifamily investment means that much of an investor’s efforts towards monitoring performance indicators may be minimal compared to that of buying and improving a distressed property.

These properties tend to attract institutional investors looking for secure investments in which their capital can grow over time with predictable income streams. Overall, a stabilized multifamily investment is one in which the focus is not on major renovations but rather consistently generating profits over time while appreciating in value.

York 232

– York, Pennsylvania
– 43 Units

North Shore Village

– Chattanooga, Tennessee
– 226 Units

Elevate on Main

– Granger, Indiana
– 400 Units

Villas at Mueller

– Austin, TX
– 126 Units

Rise Lakeside

– Phoenix, Arizona
– 288 Units

Rise on Cactus

– Phoenix, Arizona
– 124 Units

Rise Highland Meadows

– Dallas, Texas
– 328 Units

Lions Gate

– Mauldin, South Carolina
– 144 Units

Cascada del Sol

– Phoenix, Arizona
– 166 Units

Solano Vista

– Phoenix, Arizona
– 352 Units

The Phoenix Portfolio

– Phoenix, Arizona
– 440 Units

Hyde Park Portfolio I

– Austin, TX
– 91 Units

Venice Park Apartments

– Venice, Florida
– 243 Units

Rise North Arlington

– North Arlington, Texas
– 270 Units


– Sarasota, Florida
– 148 Units


– Phoenix, Arizona
– 204 Units

Estrella Park

– Phoenix, Arizona
– 224 Units

Rise at The District

– Phoenix, Arizona
– 460 Units

Rise Encore

– Phoenix, Arizona
– 376 Units

Rise Bedford Lake

– Bedford, Texas
– 360 Units

Rise Creekside

– Northlake, Texas
– 228 Units

Phoenix AZ Market

Investing in multifamily real estate in Phoenix, Arizona is a smart choice for investors interested in maximizing both income and appreciation potential.

With its booming economy, affordable cost of living and job market steady growth, Phoenix has become an increasingly attractive choice for real estate investors looking to capitalize on potential opportunities.

There are also numerous companies and industries relocating to Arizona, making it an even more appealing investment destination.

Though the current market is strong and continues to show promise for investors, renovating or repurposing distressed properties are where the most notable returns can be seen.

From Phoenix’s diversity of stylish neighborhoods with ample amenities to its sunshine-filled days perfect for outdoor living, there is something that appeals to all residents wishing to call this city home.

Austin TX

Multifamily real estate investing in Austin Texas is a great opportunity for those looking for financial stability and success. With a booming tech scene and large university presence, Austin is always an attractive investment destination.

Unlike single-family investments, multifamily real estate offers the chance to increase cash flow by renting out multiple units within the same building. This makes it an appealing option for investors who are eager to capitalize from economies of scale.. Overall, investing in multifamily real estate in Austin offers a smart way to diversify and strengthen one’s finances and portfolio.

Dallas TX

Investing in multifamily real estate in Dallas, Texas can be a great choice for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios. With a thriving economy, low unemployment rate, and robust rental demand, investing in this vibrant city makes sense.

Dallas offers a number of advantages to multi family real estate investors, including strong rental rates, high occupancy rates, and plenty of housing demand.

With its diverse population, big city amenities, and central location within the state of Texas, Dallas makes a great choice for those who want to venture into multifamily real estate.

Sarasota FL

Sarasota, Florida has become a popular destination for multifamily real estate investors. Its convenient location on the Gulf Coast makes it highly desirable for young professionals and retirees alike who are looking to make the city their home.

With its gorgeous beaches and sublime weather, the area is a sure bet for continued economic success. A low unemployment rate means job opportunities – and thus people who need housing.

With rental rates climbing steadily in recent years, there is more opportunity than ever to purchase residential properties and turn a sizable profit in Sarasota’s current real estate market. Even without major repairs or upgrades, existing multi-family units can generate substantial income from day one.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a novice starting out, investing in multifamily residential properties in Sarasota could be the perfect fit for your next venture.

Florida Market

Investing in multifamily real estate in the Sunshine State can be a great decision for an investor looking to maximize their return on investment. Florida boasts no income tax, and historically strong job growth makes it a desirable place to live, work and invest.
The state has many large metropolitan areas with booming populations that continue to create demand for rental properties. Rental rates are typically high due to the influx of both domestic and international renters alike.

Investors who want to preserve their wealth for future generations often turn to Florida’s multifamily real estate market as the stability of these investments offers protection against market volatility.

Furthermore, these investments come with attractive tax benefits that can help compound returns over time which makes them a smart investment choice in the long run.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee is increasingly becoming popular among multifamily real estate investors due to its attractive mix of reasonably priced housing, availability of capital and vibrant economy. Home to a dynamic entrepreneurial community, Chattanooga also offers significant tax incentives that could increase a multifamily real estate investor’s returns. With strong job and population growth, access to outdoor recreation and low cost of living, Chattanooga is the perfect location for anyone interested in the multifamily housing market.

Chattanooga, Tennessee is becoming an increasingly attractive option for multifamily real estate investors. The city has experienced consistent economic growth over the past decade, boasting a job market that has created high demand for rental housing. In addition to the steady job creation, there is a large population of young professionals who are attracted to the city’s vibrant downtown atmosphere and quality of life. These factors have resulted in Chattanooga providing a low vacancy rate and high potential for positive cash flow from multifamily properties, making it a great option for investors seeking strong returns.

Atlanta, Georgia

Multifamily real estate investing in Atlanta, Georgia offers potential investors a unique opportunity to capitalize on the city’s steady population growth and booming economy. The city offers an attractive combination of affordable rents, high demand for rental units, and the potential for continued population growth.

With the cost of living still relatively low compared to other areas of the United States, potential investors can find good deals on multifamily properties. Investing in Atlanta also provides access to a strong job market and a diverse range of high-income housing possibilities that cater to both working professionals and retirees.