In the 100th episode of the Passive Income Brothers Podcast, Tim and Greg reflect on their journey in real estate investing and podcasting. They discuss their experiences with various guests, including Maurice Philogene, Colin Schwartz, John Gelder, and Ryan Serhant. They also talk about their first real estate deal in York, Pennsylvania, and how it led them to become capital raisers. 

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6:32 Key guests over the first 100 episodes and what we learned from them
10:27 Networking and overcoming challenges
16:30 From hell raisers to capital raisers
23:16 Personal growth and community building


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Full Transcript

Tim Lyons (00:00):

Episode 100. 100. Believe it. Hundred. Oh my God. Okay, here we go. Ready? 3, 2, 1.

Greg Lyons (00:20):

Welcome to the Passive Income Brothers Podcast.

Tim Lyons (00:22):

Here we take the fear out of real estate investing using real life stories of everyday successful investors. Let’s go.


Welcome to this episode of the Passive Income Brothers podcast. My name is Tim Lyons, and today I’m joined by none other than my big brother Greg Lyons. How doing today, Greg?

Greg Lyons (00:39):

Well, I appreciate that, Tim. I’m not sure if you mean in age or in size or whatever, but we are here with episode 100,

Tim Lyons (00:51):

Golf clap, golf clap all around.




If You would’ve told me a couple of years ago that you and I would be in business, that we’d have a podcast that we’d actually do a hundred weeks in a row podcast, I would’ve Had to commit you to the local mental hospital because it just wasn’t possible. It is so true, Tim, and if people only had a glimpse behind what happens with a weekly podcast with two brothers trying to align schedules work and kids and raising money, and it is wild. And one of my favorites, I


Would say, is when I

Greg Lyons (01:31):

Think you were on vacation and you did a podcast on an ironing board in a garage somewhere. I mean, it looks like the bottom of the barrel. Absolute bottom.

Tim Lyons (01:46):

A lot of entrepreneurs, Greg, have said something like this, they say, done is better than perfect, right? When you commit to the process, it’s never easy. It looks easy from the outside looking in. I’ve bet a lot of entrepreneurs out there, business owners could probably feel the same way. People only see what’s forward facing. But you know what, Greg, you and I made a commitment to the podcast and it was a financial commitment. It was a time commitment, it was planning. It was really kind of getting out of our comfort zones. I mean, who would’ve thought that I would be comfortable behind a microphone talking week after week to thousands of people? I mean, crazy, crazy stuff. But here we are, right?

Greg Lyons (02:24):

Yeah. I mean, we’re not exactly Howard Stern or anything like that. I mean, yeah, I wouldn’t call this the most entertaining thing in the world, but I think it hits where people want to be, right? It’s one of those things where real estate is kind of all encompassing, and it’s something you talk about with your friends. It’s something you talk about at the cocktail party. So is it the most exciting information when we’re talking about interest rates and rate caps and all those different things that go in and debt operating income? No, it’s not the sexiest stuff, but it kind of hits where people want to be, and I think that has been one of the most satisfying things about starting this podcast, other than the hoops we have to jump through to get a

Tim Lyons (03:09):


Greg Lyons (03:09):

Week. That’s been the most exciting thing. I think a lot of times when people actually set a call up with us or meet us at a conference or something like that, I feel like they already know us and they kind of know our story a little bit, and they’re just more comfortable. We’re just regular people just trying to do better for our families.

Tim Lyons (03:29):

Hey, Greg, that’s just it. That is the essence of this podcast. It’s Tim de Fireman, Tim, the ER nurse, right? Greg, the former college basketball coach, real estate guy, and we’re dads, we’re husbands, we’re regular guys. We’re coaching our kids’ teams. We’re at the teacher conferences. We’re not all over the CNBCs of the world making predictions.

Greg Lyons (03:51):

There we’re the trenches, we’re doing the thing,

Tim Lyons (03:53):

And it’s been a life change for us for the better, and we’re trying just to bring that to everybody else. And so far it’s been an overwhelming success. So Greg, in two short years. Well, Tim, what I was going to say

Greg Lyons (04:08):

Was I think where you’re going

Tim Lyons (04:11):


Greg Lyons (04:11):

This, I think we have to start

Tim Lyons (04:12):

With our listeners. Our listeners are

Greg Lyons (04:16):

What absolutely makes this

Tim Lyons (04:17):


Greg Lyons (04:18):

And I think that’s where you’re going with it. But I just want to start with a huge thank you to our listeners, our weekly listeners, our listeners that go away for a month and come back. The people that have shared our podcast with a friend or a neighbor, it has been an absolutely awesome feeling.

Tim Lyons (04:38):

Greg, I couldn’t agree more. You start a podcast for me at least, I was so worried. What are people going to think? What are they going to say? Am I going to sound okay in the podcast? Am I going to sound like I know what I’m talking about? Is anybody even going to listen besides, well, we know Dad doesn’t listen, and of course mom doesn’t listen, but

Greg Lyons (04:55):

Is anybody, do

Tim Lyons (04:57):

I have to sit down on our iPad, get her to download one episode?

Greg Lyons (05:01):


Tim Lyons (05:01):

Are we here? But we know we

Greg Lyons (05:04):

Came out of

Tim Lyons (05:04):

The gates, Greg, and we were seeing a couple hundred download and then became a couple hundred more, and then we saw

Greg Lyons (05:10):

A couple

Tim Lyons (05:11):

Thousand and it’s oscillated back and forth. We can’t figure it out until now. We have our podcast guy, Doug, who was just amazing hitting us with some stats and rankings and SEO keywords and all this other good stuff that we’re working on now. But at the beginning, Greg, we didn’t even know is anybody going to listen to us? And it’s been an incredible ride. Like you said, we go to conferences or meetups, people know who we are. That’s

Greg Lyons (05:35):


Tim Lyons (05:36):

But it’s just a testament to getting out of your comfort zone to that growth, to telling your story and having that impact. And that’s exactly what we wanted out of starting this podcast. And it wouldn’t be possible without the listeners, right? I’m sure we’ve had listeners that have turned us on and turned us on. I’m sure we had people visit us, leave and come back, or never come back, but we’ve been building year over year. Now, Greg, two solid years of a solid base of listeners, and the feedback has been incredible. So for that, I wanted to really put out my thank you to the listener. Yeah, there’s

Greg Lyons (06:11):


Tim Lyons (06:11):

Doubt about it. According to Listen notes,

Greg Lyons (06:14):

We’re in the top 2% of business podcasts, which is absolutely mind blowing. Tens of thousands of downloads.

Tim Lyons (06:22):


Greg Lyons (06:22):

Mean, it has been an absolutely wild

Tim Lyons (06:25):

Ride. But

Greg Lyons (06:26):

In those two years, I think we’ve had some really good topics, some awesome

Tim Lyons (06:32):

Guests, and I think we got it all. Started off with our third episode

Greg Lyons (06:36):

With Maurice

Tim Lyons (06:37):

Ine. He was our first guest on the Passive Income Brothers.

Greg Lyons (06:40):


Tim Lyons (06:40):

What a rock star that guy is so affectionately known as Mo. But yeah, Maurice ine. He is a freaking rock star, right? He’s with Quattro Capital. He’s a world traveler, been to 110 countries. He’s always posting pictures from some sort of beach and some far off land. A true digital entrepreneur now. And he has the most hits on our YouTube Greg. He is always top three, top four of our podcast downloads. So just a rockstar. And we were so happy to have him on. We’re going to have to have him on it yet. Sure. He’s up to great stuff.

Greg Lyons (07:17):

Absolutely. And you realize what a small world it is. Mo is a first responder.

Tim Lyons (07:23):

He was a

Greg Lyons (07:24):

Montgomery County Maryland police officer. You’re obviously in the FDNY. I mean, the world is so small, and we really find

Tim Lyons (07:32):


Greg Lyons (07:32):

In the real estate world. And a couple other younger guys that we had on the podcast, Colin Schwartz and John Gelder, absolute go-getters.

Tim Lyons (07:41):

Let’s see,

Greg Lyons (07:42):


Tim Lyons (07:42):

Schwartz was episode

Greg Lyons (07:43):

17, and John Gelder, a Holy Cross alum, all right. Holy Cross Knights Gil Bees, right? There was episode number 38.

Tim Lyons (07:52):

That’s right. Colin Schwartz and John Gilbert. There’s no other word besides, they’re slaying. They’re just slaying their little market, right? John is over in Pennsylvania and the Poconos, he just was posting pictures about a hotel conversion. He just did, I mean, really doing great stuff. And again, John was a New York City, I think plumber or carpenter for the New York City housing at bargaining for 20 years. And then he retired, collect his pension. He’s got a home inspection business. He was a house flipper then he got a de multifamily. I mean, he’s just doing incredible in SPR Bank, inspiring. You go to College Schwartz, I mean, here’s a guy that has a meetup, I think in Omaha, Nebraska, and he started with a couple of people and a six pack, and then it grew to a couple of thousand people. Now he has an incredible list. He’s raised millions of dollars. He’s done multifamily projects. He has a fix and flip fund, hard money lending. I mean, the guy is just absolutely killing the game. But you know what? He might even be younger than us, Greg. I don’t know. And these are the guys that are just so, their stories are so inspiring.

Greg Lyons (08:58):

Yeah, I find most people we interview are younger than me,

Tim Lyons (09:01):


Greg Lyons (09:02):


Tim Lyons (09:02):

For a different day. But

Greg Lyons (09:05):

Another two of our favorite that we had on

Tim Lyons (09:08):

Jake and Gino, Jake

Greg Lyons (09:11):

Ano, Gino Barber,

Tim Lyons (09:13):

Of course,

Greg Lyons (09:13):

We are, those are I guess our mentors that we joined the Jake and Gino program

Tim Lyons (09:19):

Years ago now

Greg Lyons (09:20):


Tim Lyons (09:21):


Greg Lyons (09:21):

So much about multifamily, about networking, about getting out of your

Tim Lyons (09:25):


Greg Lyons (09:26):

Zone and having those two on the podcast. Gino

Tim Lyons (09:30):

Was on

Greg Lyons (09:30):

Really early, one of the first 10, and then Jake came along

Tim Lyons (09:34):

About a year

Greg Lyons (09:35):

Later. But what wonderful, inspirational people to have on

Tim Lyons (09:40):

Greg, there’s no other way to say this, but if we never joined Hitch Star Wagon to the Jake Gino platform and community, I’m going to say it right now, we would not be sitting here today. And even if we were in the game, we probably wouldn’t be as far along as we are today. And it’s simple as that. It was the best investment that we made to crush limiting beliefs, to learn the process, to network, to see what other people are doing, to have the resources, to have the accountability, to have the conferences, the community. I mean, all of that stuff was exactly what we needed, Greg, and we couldn’t see the forest for the trees we first started. And I’m going to be

Greg Lyons (10:19):


Tim Lyons (10:19):

Grateful to Gito Barbara and Jake Sano.

Greg Lyons (10:23):


Tim Lyons (10:24):

And then

Greg Lyons (10:24):

Our last most famous guest that we had on

Tim Lyons (10:27):


Greg Lyons (10:28):

Through the Jake and Gino conference a couple of years ago. And if nothing else, Tim has learned how to get out of his comfort zone. So we were at a dinner with none other than Ryan Shan, and he gave a little talk to a smaller crowd. There’s only about 25 of us in there. And of

Tim Lyons (10:47):


Greg Lyons (10:48):

Tim marches right up to the microphone

Tim Lyons (10:50):

And asks

Greg Lyons (10:50):

Him, Hey, Ryan, love your story, but you got to be on the podcast. And much to our surprise and episode 65, surprise Ryan Sirhan, probably our most famous guess, but he rocked it on episode 65.

Tim Lyons (11:07):

That’s right, Greg. I mean, listen,

Greg Lyons (11:08):

If there’s

Tim Lyons (11:08):

Anything that I’ve learned, I mean, I’ve always been a pretty social guy, I would say,

Greg Lyons (11:13):


Tim Lyons (11:13):

Coming out of my comfort zone has been a big, big learning process for me. And when Ryan Sohan says, does anybody have any questions or topics they want to talk about and is an open microphone? I mean,

Greg Lyons (11:22):

Greg, you got to get up there. And I don’t care if you even know

Tim Lyons (11:25):

Where you’re going to sit, you’re just going to say something. But the funny story is he was talking about a little anecdotal story about having this crazy water leak in his home in Brooklyn, New York City, and I’m a New York City firefighter, and I don’t know if you guys know this, but New York City firefighters, one of our more frequent calls

Greg Lyons (11:43):


Tim Lyons (11:44):

Water leaks. People call the fire department for water leaks. It’s a little bit insane. It’s ruined a lot of my nights. But I told him, I said, listen, I’m Tim Lyons, right? I’m also a New York City firefighter. Next time you’ve got a war problem, please, I’ll give you my cell phone and we’ll take care of

Greg Lyons (12:00):

That. Just

Tim Lyons (12:01):

Trying to add a little value, Greg. And by the way, you want

Greg Lyons (12:05):

Brought the house down. It definitely brought the house down.

Tim Lyons (12:08):

It was good. It was a good one. So Greg,

Greg Lyons (12:12):

We’ve come a long way

Tim Lyons (12:13):

In a short time, if you really think about it, Greg, we joined Jake Manino March of 2020, March 1st or second, I think, of 2020. And two weeks later, three weeks later, we are hashtag two weeks

Greg Lyons (12:30):

Flattened the curve

Tim Lyons (12:32):

And the world changed. The world changed our lives changed homeschooling for us essential workers, half pay, furloughs everybody, not just for us, for everybody. And we had just spent 20,000, right, or 25,000 on jig, Gino and no refund. Stock market goes down by 33% in a week back in March of 2020. And it was a little bit crazy,

Greg Lyons (13:04):


Tim Lyons (13:04):

We could have taken our ball and gone home and said, you know what?

Greg Lyons (13:06):

We gave

Tim Lyons (13:07):

It a try, but it was not for us. But we didn’t. And in a short while, Greg, let’s call it almost four years now, we’ve got a hundred episodes on our podcast. We’re about to work on our 28th acquisition with our partners.

Greg Lyons (13:25):

I mean, that is incredible.

Tim Lyons (13:28):

And I haven’t updated the website, but I mean, I think it says 1.4 billion by acquisition number at the type of acquisition. It’s got to be a lot higher than that now. But I mean,

Greg Lyons (13:38):

That is insane.

Tim Lyons (13:39):

Those numbers, when you throw them around, it is insanity. But it was because we kept on taking action, we were motivated, and we stayed aggressive and consistent and kept our head down and kept working.

Greg Lyons (13:54):

It feels great.

Tim Lyons (13:55):

I feel great having this episode.

Greg Lyons (13:58):

Yeah, I think the reason we started the passive income rathers is because of our business, Cityside Capital, and with Cityside Capital, what we do is we raise money for multifamily self storage and industrial operators. So they don’t have to

Tim Lyons (14:12):


Greg Lyons (14:13):

About the money raising

Tim Lyons (14:14):

Part. They have to worry about

Greg Lyons (14:15):

Operating the property, the acquisitions, the dispositions. They worry

Tim Lyons (14:20):

About the

Greg Lyons (14:20):

Operations and Cityside Capital and our partners bring in the money to buy these properties. But in starting the podcast,

Tim Lyons (14:29):


Greg Lyons (14:29):

An ancillary business basically to Cityside Capital. And we’ve come a long way with Cityside Capital. Tim, I think you remember that first offering

Tim Lyons (14:38):

That we did in New York, Pennsylvania. I think we had about

Greg Lyons (14:42):

70 people

Tim Lyons (14:43):

On our

Greg Lyons (14:44):

Email list

Tim Lyons (14:45):

Maybe. And

Greg Lyons (14:46):

I think some of those were even dead

Tim Lyons (14:48):


Greg Lyons (14:49):

And we fought and scratched and clawed for a 43 unit property, wonderful place in New York,

Tim Lyons (14:58):


Greg Lyons (14:59):

But we didn’t know if we were going to

Tim Lyons (15:00):


Greg Lyons (15:00):

$3 million or 3 cents. We actually raised a little bit more towards the 3 cents, but I think we were hooked from there. And from that time for that first deal and raising money and helping a couple of investors get opened up to real estate syndications, the passive income brothers were born from that. And I think we really felt that holy cow raising money for these properties. This is fun. This is helpful. This helps people diversify their portfolio, helps ’em get off of Wall Street, get onto Main Street a little bit. And I think we were hooked from there.

Tim Lyons (15:41):

Well, and you know what? Dad still says that he should have put money into that deal, but he wasn’t ready. You and I put our money into that deal. It’s still cash flowing, it’s still doing great. I mean, it’s still a hundred percent occupied, but we had to take that leap. We had to take that leap of faith. We did the due diligence. We did our education. We checked a lot of those boxes going into it, and then we were able to be on the general partnership with our partners in that deal and that we met through Jake and Geo, obviously. And it was an incredible, incredible experience. It got us in the game. The law of the first deal kicked in, and very quickly the second deal came down the pipe. So still love that deal to this day. And yeah, I love that. That was the deal that got us started.

Greg Lyons (16:26):

Yeah, it got us started, but it also got

Tim Lyons (16:28):

Us on the path of

Greg Lyons (16:30):


Tim Lyons (16:30):

Capital raisers.

Greg Lyons (16:32):


Tim Lyons (16:32):


Greg Lyons (16:32):

Operators of property. We are capital raisers. We align ourselves with great operators of properties. And that kind of led us down the path of getting licensed. And that has really kind of been a game changer for us because I think over the last few years, it feels like every Tom, Dick and Harry either got into real estate or became a real estate syndicator. And when stuff like that happens, and now that the tide is going out a little bit, you see who’s swimming with trunks on and you see who’s swimming without trunks on. So when we got our licenses, we aligned ourselves with very few multifamily self storage and industrial operators. But I think we aligned ourselves with the best in class.

Tim Lyons (17:14):

That’s just it. I mean, investing is risky, right? Investing in anything is risky and you want to work with good people. It’s just simple as that. And we had to have a process, Greg, for who do we want to work with? What are their value? What are their experiences? What kind of markets are they operating in? What kind of asset classes? How do they work? Are they long-term, hold short-term hold? Are they value add operators? Are they stable cashflow providers? And how does that fit into our buy box and how does that fit into how we want to serve investors? And that’s been the genesis of cityside because at the end of the day, Greg, if somebody has a liquidity event from the sale of a business or inheritance, or maybe they did cashed out some stock options, who knows what it might be?

Greg Lyons (18:00):

How do you know where

Tim Lyons (18:03):

To go, what to do, who to trust? Do you Google passive income on their computer? Do you Google multifamily syndication on the computer or just whoever has the prettiest sexiest website just go with them? So that’s kind of where we really want to provide value. Some of the topics that we’ve covered on this podcast, Greg, I think have really added value to those listeners and investors.

Greg Lyons (18:26):

You are absolutely right. And again, this isn’t the lineup where this isn’t primetime. This isn’t Thursday night primetime? Not

Tim Lyons (18:35):


Greg Lyons (18:36):

Not yet. Not yet. It should be for a lot of people, but not yet. It’s not in your Grey’s Anatomy, if you will. But some of the topics that we’ve covered, taxes,

Tim Lyons (18:47):

And by

Greg Lyons (18:49):

No means are we experts, but you have to be in the game a little bit with your own personal way of doing taxes. But we’ve covered taxes, looked at 10 31

Tim Lyons (18:58):


Greg Lyons (18:59):

Multifamily self storage, note investing, land flipping, macroeconomics, mindset and belief systems just to name a few. But I think we’ve tackled all those just to let the listener know, Hey, either learn a little bit more about these things or put it completely out of your mind, but these are the things that real estate investors are thinking about.

Tim Lyons (19:20):

I love that. And the best part about that, Greg, is those are awesome topics. I feel like we’re just getting started, right? Yeah. This is episode of Under It, let’s congratulate ourselves. But I still feel like we’re just at the beginning. I still feel like there’s so much more that we’re going to do and great people we’re going to have on it, great shared experiences because at the end of the day, we’re human beings and we thrive on shared experiences from our family, our community, our fellow investors, our neighbors. We all kind of want to do the same thing. We want to have a nice life. We want to have good family values. We want to have fun, freedom, security, and safety. And a part of that is investing, right? And it’s a taboo subject. And sometimes people just don’t want to talk about it, or they don’t want to talk about their losses or they don’t understand something.


I mean, how many people in their adult lives, if they don’t understand something or they’re confused, they just don’t talk about it, it becomes a taboo subject. And that’s where these podcasts can be so powerful because you’re listening to other folks who are maybe younger, older, same age, but they’re all folks that we want to be like we want to align with. We want to celebrate their success, and then let’s find out how they did it, what strategies they use that we can, what Greg and I call r and d, rip off and duplicate. But Greg, the last few on those lists were mindset and belief systems. And I just wanted to touch on that quickly because this can seem like a high barrier to entry, right? Investing can be a high barrier to entry. It could be a capital thing. You just don’t have enough capital at the time, or you have the capital and you don’t have the knowledge. So there’s capital concerns, there’s knowledge concerns, and then there’s execution. Taking that step, taking that risk, doing that new thing, right? Your financial guy never told you about real estate syndication, so you don’t know about it, you don’t understand it, but you have the capital. So it’s really kind of developing those belief systems and incorporating the knowledge and having

Greg Lyons (21:18):

The mindset to

Tim Lyons (21:19):

Say, look, this is what I want. This is where I want. This is where I’m motivated to do something with my capital. Here’s where I want to start. And then what’s my plan? What are my priorities? Is it cashflow? Is it taxes? Is it capital preservation? Is it capital appreciation? Is it all of those things, right? I would hope. See that there’s all of those things. And then

Greg Lyons (21:41):


Tim Lyons (21:42):

Do you weave that into your own personal plan? That’s what we’re here for. Obviously. I always say, Greg, we don’t give advice. We don’t give planning strategies. We don’t get paid for that. We’re not a registered investment advisory firm. But what we do have is Greg and I have our own belief systems, we have our own strategies, and we bring on people to share those strategies that have worked for them. And if multifamily or self storage or industrial or any other kind of private equity investment vehicles suits you, then let’s hop on a call, right? That’s what we’re here for.

Greg Lyons (22:20):

And just to highlight that, Tammy, we are on episode 100, and we’re not here to give financial advice,

Tim Lyons (22:27):


Greg Lyons (22:28):

We’re not here to give tax advice or anything like that. But as we come into the fourth quarter of 2023, it’s an uncertain time. So now is the time to really start listening and learning, because I think a lot of people look back at post 2008 and go, oh, how could you not have invested? Of course, I should

Tim Lyons (22:50):

Have invested during that

Greg Lyons (22:51):

Time, or of course I did invest. I’m not sure if we’re going to be on that time right now and who knows what the future holds. But I think with our guests coming up, we have some absolute rock stars coming up in the next few weeks. Now’s the time to listen, to learn,

Tim Lyons (23:06):


Greg Lyons (23:07):

Really be thinking about where am I directing my money? Where am I directing my time? And continually learn is the most important part.

Tim Lyons (23:16):

I love it. So Greg, I also want to, in addition to thanking our investors and our listeners, I want to thank you for really going on this journey with me alongside of me. Cityside Capital would not be what it is today if we didn’t have this relationship and ship and this commitment to not only each other and our families, but to moving the ball forward and moving the ball up the field. So I want to thank you for that. And the passive income brothers wouldn’t be alive and well, we didn’t have our brotherly banter, so I do appreciate

Greg Lyons (23:51):

That. And I thank you for putting up with a lot of bss, a lot of limiting beliefs. It’s not easy to be you to deal with me, but I think it works

Tim Lyons (24:03):

Out just fine.

Greg Lyons (24:05):

And I

Tim Lyons (24:05):

Do appreciate everything that

Greg Lyons (24:08):

You just bring so much to not only the passive income brothers, but to Cityside capital. And for that, I will be

Tim Lyons (24:14):

Forever grateful. Love it, buddy.

Greg Lyons (24:17):

Yeah, man. So Greg, before

Tim Lyons (24:19):

We part ways, I wanted to lead the listeners with something value. So a couple of years ago, right during Covid, I had the opportunity to join a mess with Kyle Wilson. And if you guys don’t know who Kyle Wilson is, I highly suggest you check him out because he was Jim Rowan, business manager for 18 years. And Jim Rowan is probably one of the leaders, foremost leaders in personal growth and development. I mean, so many quotes have come out of Jim’s mouth, big guru,

Greg Lyons (24:51):

The absolute

Tim Lyons (24:52):

Guru. He was the personal growth and development guru. And so because of that, Kyle had this incredible, still to this day, has an incredible mastermind, and there was a opportunity to join it. And I did. And Kyle also writes these books with his people and his mastermind, and they become number one Amazon bestsellers. And I had some crazy limiting beliefs about that, Greg, early on. Who am I? Should I even write a chapter in a book, should I not? But I did. I did. It came out of my comfort zone. I wrote a whole chapter of a book, and it’s with some rock stars. I mean, on the cover of my book, you have Kyle Wilson, you have myself and Robert Helms from the Real Estate Radio guys. And if you guys don’t know where the Real estate Radio guys are, you have to, they have a tremendous podcast.


They’ve been around for maybe 25 years, at least on the podcast and radio show circuit. They have incredible conferences, they have incredible advisors. They have just a lot of great events, including the Goals conference, which Greg and I and our partner Paul, will be heading into July, not July, January 12th through 14th in Dallas, Texas. So for the listeners who would like a free copy of this book, I am more than happy to send you the electronic version for free. Just email me, Just let me know that you heard episode 100 and that you would like a electronic copy of the book is called Bringing Value, solving Problems, and Reading a Legacy. The Forward was written by Tom Ziglar, which is Zig Ziglar’s son, and he’s now president of the Ziglar International. And it’s just got a tremendous amount of great stories. And for the listeners who are really motivated, and I would really be appreciative of this, I will send you the physical copy of this book if you leave us a rating and review on your favorite platform.


But if you could do it in Apple, it’s even better for us. But if you could leave us at a five star rating and review, just take a screenshot of it, email it to me at, and along with your address, and I will send you out a free copy and a thank you note for helping us out. So I just hope you guys enjoy that. It’ll be a free oh all around. So Greg, we’re coming to the close here on episode 100. I do feel like we’re still just getting started. I’m so excited to be doing this, and I’ll throw it back to you for some final thoughts.

Greg Lyons (27:33):

No wrapping episode 100. I never thought I would have a

Tim Lyons (27:38):


Greg Lyons (27:39):


Tim Lyons (27:39):

Sort of boom situation

Greg Lyons (27:41):

To hold the microphone that just doesn’t see me. But we’ve met so many wonderful people, been able to share time together doing this. It has,

Tim Lyons (27:55):

It is

Greg Lyons (27:55):

Actually been a thrill of a lifetime, and I look forward to keep doing this for

Tim Lyons (27:59):


Greg Lyons (27:59):

To come because I’m having fun and hopefully people are

Tim Lyons (28:02):

Learning a thing or two.

Greg Lyons (28:05):

Hopefully no one’s following your public math because that gets really, really messed up what I see

Tim Lyons (28:11):


Greg Lyons (28:12):

At best, at best. But that’s the fun

Tim Lyons (28:15):

Part, and

Greg Lyons (28:15):


Tim Lyons (28:16):

Forward to our next 100 buddy. So that’s going to do it for this week’s edition of The Passive Income Brothers Podcast, and we look forward to serving you again next week.

Greg Lyons (28:27):

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