With passive income, the possibilities go from financial freedom to time freedom. When it comes down to Multifamily Syndication, there is no one better at it than us! Let us prove our systems work best when you partner with Cityside Capital. Capital reasons for impassive investing come from commercial real estate investors like us. You can create and multiply your cash flow by leveraging multi family home properties. Being money hungry is not a bad thing. Being a people pleaser is one of the descriptions of my job. so the ordinary everyday person becomes the next big thing with tax advantages, and continued passive income.

When broken down Multifamily Syndication is simply a group investment. Our partners, Tim and Greg Lyons make it easy to understand. They both hold series 82 and 63 licenses and are focused on raising the capital for each multi family and self storage asset. When Greg started, he contributed into developing a 77 unit condominium in downtown Boise. When Tim started he started with a triPlex investment. When Greg started, he contributed into developing a 77 unit condominium in downtown Boise. When Time started he started with a triPlex investment. With these they found their passion to be driven together in the multi family syndication play sound that they were more successful, helping others than working for others.

When these brothers started Cityside capital they had not only the goal of growing their own portfolio, but also the concept to help others realize their own internal power to start investing in real estate to create a passive income while building their individual wealth. Multi family syndication is not an easy business to start but once you start, there will not be a downfall with continued education and leadership, you are guaranteed to grow farther than expected. Multi family syndication is not an easy business to start but once you start, there will not be a downfall with continued education and leadership, you are guaranteed to grow farther than expected.

Together Timothy and Craig have partnered in over $1.4 billion of commercial real estate properties which includes over 6000 multi family units. Becoming the leader in Multifamily Syndication was no simple task for these brothers but continuing education to the public was what kept them driven.

If you are an entrepreneur who is driven to personal growth and success, and look no further than the city side, capital. We will be your dedicated partners in the multi family syndication investment process, and we will walk alongside you every step of the way when you are ready to get started, check out our website at https://citysidecap.com/. And then call us to set up your 15 minute discovery call to find out where to get started. The best number to reach us at is 516-521-7762. We cannot wait to show you how far you can grow. It’s only the right guidance.

Multifamily Syndication | What is Multifamily Syndication?

If you were to search the term multifamily syndication, you would find many different definitions. I will tell you as easily as I can, partners banding together to invest in multiple multi family homes that do not require much investment turnover. There are many investors who may lack experience, knowledge time and network work and experience, real estate operators and area sponsors who can confidently invest in the institutional real estate that offers the best returns. Many investors only believe that they are boxed to the public REITs, which only mirrors a downside of this market fees offered the lowest returns, all in which does hold the tax benefits of ownership.

If you have never looked into the passive income brothers podcast this is your sign to listen today. With over 65 published podcasts who are certain to walk away with more knowledge than you started with.It is easy to find out more with our free 15 minute discovery call to learn how you can get started in your real estate investments. Will you make these opportunities easy for you to decide where you can begin so that you can live your life and build a life that you desire.

When looking for the benefits that underlie the multifamily syndication investments of real estate. There are five main benefits you are likely to see like returning cash flow, mommy leverage equity, property, appreciation, and many tax benefits. We are guaranteed to see your return on investment with our proven 1.4 billion in commercial real estate portfolio and our 6000 multifamily units. Investing has never been easier when you partner with someone like us, time to make the most out of each penny, you have time to put every dollar to work.

Timothy and Greg have banded together to teach others how to become successful and financially free in the most passive way. Learning to make your money work for you has never been easier when these professionals have gone through the struggles first to teach you how to become successful. Tim himself calls Steve series 82 and series 63 licenses and his primary focus is on retaining and raising the capital within multifamily, self storage and most industrial assets. Please provide a greater risk adjusted return greater tax advantages. Wow Greg got started as a project manager. He helped develop a 77 unit condominium project and that is what got him hooked into multifamily syndication.

If you are ready to read the profits, you wish in the investment world is it all over to our website citysidecap.com and take a look at some of our testimonials for yourself, and you will surely be proven that we are the best in the business and are willing to work any focusing o in mind. If you are ready to schedule a 15 minute consultation, call us at 516-521-7762. We are excited to teach you and guide you into your journey in real estate investment. Becoming a millionaire has never been here in today’s world when everything has been done before. Call us today to become the first millionaire in your family. You are going to love the things we can provide to you.