Have you ever been curious as to what you can do with Multifamily Syndication? One of the top things in this industry is capital return. We have done the research so you do not have to. Timothy Lyons and Greg Lyons are a power duo who hold the series 82 and series 63 licenses to prove that they know what is best in the industry. With many various perks in the industry the top would be building relationships within the public. together they can guarantee to bring value, solve all of your problems and help you build a legacy for years to come.

If you are tired of trading your time for the dollars earned, it’s time we teach you about Multifamily Syndication. Simply put, syndication is a group of investors contributing into the same multi-family properties Focusing on maintaining occupancy to receive constant cash flow.
Our partners are focused solely on raising capital and gaining passive income while also providing the greatest risk adjusted returns alongside many tax advantages. Cityside Capital has become the leading Professionals in the industry.

In the business of Multifamily Syndication, the primary focus is quality control. whether it be with our clientele, our residents or ourselves. We can guarantee a personalized service every time whether you are just starting out or are a vetted investor. We are here to teach you about every aspect of syndication. In today’s world passive income has never been easier. We have done all of the hard work and made all of the mistakes first so that you do not have to. With over 6,000 multi-family units we are guaranteed to prove not only ourselves but also your dollars every time.

Have you ever been curious about the benefits that follow investments into real estate? You are guaranteed some of the biggest cash flow benefits in real estate investing. you will also find expertise in our teams’ operational plans. There are also many tax benefits that can help you reduce before or completely eliminate taxes on the profits from your real estate investments. An hour business we are a valued investor, so we have multiple strategic markets that can benefit From Forced appreciation with this you can maximize every return. Quit trading your time for money today and start investing tomorrow.

If you are motivated and ready to start your investment journey today you can learn more on our website at https://citysidecap.com/ and you can also call us anytime at (516) 521-7762. be sure to schedule your first free 15 minute consultation with our trained professionals to learn more about becoming the first millionaire in your family. Investing can be scary but when you have credited and trusted Partners like the Lyon’s brothers, you are certain to find comfort and knowledge deeper than any other real estate investor company in the market. Begin living your life on your own terms and creating generational wealth for years to come.

Multifamily Syndication | Great Investments Made Simple

If you were to try and describe what Multifamily Syndication is to a child, they might get bored easily. Even if you explain it to a grown man he would be likely to roll his eyes and walk away. but if you are looking to learn how your money can work for you then listen up. There are millions of ways to invest but many investors do not know the first thing about syndication. The benefits of these real estate investments can promise a passive cash flow on a monthly or quarterly basis without having to trade your time for your money.

When getting started with Multifamily Syndication, our team is guaranteed to use our operational and Market expertise to diversify your dollars into various markets and assess various classes without you having to manage everything yourself. When getting started with Cityside capital, you can find comfort and clarity in where your money is going. Becoming an investor in real estate you can also find various tax benefits which can help you reduce and defer or even eliminate your taxes from your real estate investments. with this you get to keep more of the money that you make rather than wasting your money.

There could be many reasons that one might not know about Multifamily Syndication. Most people did not get raised knowing that there are options of investing into real estate without being the direct owner. There are also other people who believe that they are only limited to public REITs which tend to only see the downside of the market and only offer low returns. Also many people lack the knowledge, time and the experience in real estate. Many investors have a portfolio that is heavily weighed down with only one asset class typically this is a publicly traded asset or a stock which leads to a lack of diversification.

Learning more about how to make your money work for you has never been easier. you can simply get started by listening to the passive income Brothers podcast, there are over 60 published podcasts on their channel. in these podcasts they interviewed some of the successful entrepreneurs and syndication. This show was merely created to help active investors learn how syndication business works and help passive income investors understand when to invest and how to diversify into real estate. Learn how to build your wealth and collect returns today.

Are you an excited individual who is ready to let your dollars work for you? Then you can go to our website at https://citysidecap.com/ to learn how our clients are working with us and have their dollars multiplied by millions. You can also call us directly at (516) 521-7762 and schedule a 15 minute Discovery call to find out how your real estate investment Journey can begin. We will evaluate any available investment opportunity and help you decide where you want to begin investing. It is time to begin living the life you want and let your dollars do the hard work for you. Getting started with the Lyons Brothers will be the turning move for you and your generational wealth.