Nicole Pendergrass discusses deconstructing real estate beliefs and ideas for moving forward and making strategic choices with financial acumen. Take your real estate adventure to the next level and get inspired in today’s show!

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How finding your WHY can be a great tool for transition into real estate investing
The secret to finding the drive for success
Why should you start investing in multifamily real estate
The advantages of mentorship and a mastermind group in closing a deal
Things you should look forward to in the real estate business
How to use good debt to leverage cash-flowing assets


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Nicole Pendergrass a multifamily investor, now owns properties in Pennsylvania and the Bronx. She had no money, no credit, and no connections when she first entered the real estate market. She built her credit and funds while taking action and learning from some failed endeavors to eventually buy a three-family property. A few years later, she sold her equity and withdrew money from her retirement plan, utilizing the money to invest in mastermind and mentorship programs, commercial multifamily LP and JV transactions, and other wealth-building avenues. Her purpose is to assist others with achieving the same success after realizing the power of unity. She started her real estate investment business, Noirvest Holdings, with two young children in tow with the goal of closing the wealth gap by giving other minorities access to “privileged” multifamily assets. She is also the host of the Share The Wealth Show, a podcast that discusses unconventional methods for helping underserved and minority communities create, grow, and preserve generational wealth. She enjoys meeting like-minded people and looking for solutions to make us all live free.


Website: Noirvest Holdings
Facebook: Noirvest Holdings
Instagram: @Officialnoirvest
Linkedin: Nicole Pendergrass
Podcast: Share The Wealth Show


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