Are you afraid to be financially free and retire early? This episode could be a game-changer in overcoming that fear as Sandhya Seshadri takes us through her journey of seeking financial and intellectual satisfaction by leveraging her retirement funds to invest. Discover the powerful benefits of multifamily investments, things you should know as a limited or general partner in syndication, and tips for successful passive investing. 

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The correlation between engineering and real estate investing
Why is it best to invest first in your education before taking action?
Powerful real estate opportunities from using your 401(k) or self-directed IRAs
The biggest fear and mentality that holds people back from taking advantage of their retirement funds
Advice for new investors to properly evaluate a sponsor


The #compounding effect by Darren Hardy
S&P 500 Index Fund Average Annual Return Rate
Robert Kiyosaki
Jim Rome




Sandhya is an experienced general partner in all aspects of multifamily from broker relationships, underwriting, analysis, and raising capital to closing syndication deals without delays. She is an operator with a strong focus on asset management after the honeymoon is over to add value to the two different customers in apartment investing who are the Limited Partners as well as multifamily residents. She currently has 1200+ doors under management as a General Partner and 3000+ doors as a Limited partner. Her focus is on the acquisition and management of large multifamily of 100+ doors in the Dallas FortWorth area where she has lived for 32+ years. In her former career as an electrical engineer, Sandhya worked for 12+ years at Texas Instruments, Dallas, managing $80M projects with budgets in excess of $28M.  Sandhya has been trading equities for 20+ years.


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