In today’s episode, John Geldert talks about how networking, mentorship, and an optimistic mental attitude can help you generate exponential wealth. Stay connected and be inspired to pursue your passion and vision!

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How a life coach can guide you in taking action toward your investing goal
Essential components to optimize your REI career
How does private money lending generate passive income
BRRRR strategy: What it is and how it works
The importance of forming a team of like-minded individuals
Understanding the multifamily real estate market


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki | Paperback  and Mass Market Paperback
Multifamily Real Estate Investor Mentorship
Robert Kiyosaki
The Ramsey Show
The Jim Rome Show


John Geldert has been involved in the construction industry for over 22 years. He started buying single-family homes in 2003 and has now progressed to becoming a full-time Real Estate investor. John has been successful in executing over $4.5 million in Real Estate transactions focusing primarily on value add opportunities. John takes pride in his work, therefore he keeps himself directly involved in overseeing and managing all renovations by always staying in direct contact with any and all contractors. He is also involved in overseeing the property manager and the leasing of all units.  His passion for Real Estate has existed since he was a young boy. John’s perseverance and dedication to succeed along with always providing excellent services to the community has made him a successful business owner. Along with being a Real Estate Investor he is also the owner and operator of GMG Inspections, a licensed Home Inspection company established in 2013. His background in home remodeling and current position as a licensed home inspector gives him a unique ability to find value add opportunities in properties that others would usually overlook.


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