When it comes to scaling up, raising capital becomes a crucial aspect, and this week’s guest Hunter Thompson is a master at it. Jump in today’s episode for fantastic ideas on acquisition data analysis, economic background, and creating income streams inside and outside real estate.

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What sets commercial real estate apart from the rest of the niches and asset classes
How to increase the value of commercial assets
The 3 most scalable businesses within the real estate
Why you should consider passive investing in non-traditional assets
3 reasons why inflation can be an advantage for investors


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Hunter Thompson is the Managing Partner of Asym Capital. He has a background in economics that has allowed him to achieve a holistic approach to analyzing real estate data and has also led him to a unique perspective on out-of-state investing. The goal of his business is to help clients invest in passive cash flow opportunities that provide a healthy return on investment, without the headaches associated with the stock market’s volatility. His main priority is establishing an extremely diverse portfolio without exposing the client’s capital to unnecessary risk. Asym Capital specializes in assisting investors seeking passive cash flow-focused real estate investments across multiple-geographic locations. He is an active member of Forbes Real Estate Council. It is an invitation-only organization for executives in the real estate industry. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in BA, Political Science. He has series 63 and 22 registrations with FINRA.


Website: Asym Capital http://www.asymcapital.com
LinkedIn: Hunter Thompson https://www.linkedin.com/in/hunterthompsoncfc/


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