Explore how your personal beliefs play a role in your relationships, real estate career, and personal life in this episode. Tune in to equip yourself with meaningful strategies and perspectives to unlock exponential growth, a better mindset, and a fulfilling life today.

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What makes small-but-consistent improvements significant
A rundown of the reality of your beliefs and how to improve them
3 bridge questions you must ask yourself to overcome limiting beliefs 
Differentiating the 3 types of people in life
The best viewpoint on how to live a fulfilling life


Luke Wren: https://lukewren.com/
Trevor McGregor: https://www.trevormcgregor.com/
Mindset by Carol Dweck: https://amzn.to/44pt3lj
The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware: https://amzn.to/3NPVe7g 


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Full Transcript
Tim Lyons: 0:00
I’m allowing myself to become a successful real estate investor. And just by saying it out loud, by writing it down on the paper, and I just felt better inside. I felt like I had clarity when I was reading books or a hearing podcast And it’s taking that step forward.
Greg Lyons: 0:16
Welcome to the Passive Income Brothers podcast.
Tim Lyons: 0:19
Here we take the fear out of real estate investing using real life stories of everyday successful investors. Let’s go Welcome to another episode of the Passive Income Brothers podcast. My name is Tim Wines and today I’m joined by none other than my brother, greg. How you doing today?
Greg Lyons: 0:32
buddy Tim doing fantastic and looking forward to another exciting episode. It has been a while since we recorded and happy to be back behind the mic speaking to the people.
Tim Lyons: 0:43
The summertime is always a challenge to get guessed and for us to kind of get behind the microphone. Greg has kids and sports, and as do I, And we just had a little bit of a travel season between the two of us. So we’re happy to be back behind the mic. And today we really wanted to talk about mindset as it relates to real estate and investing and money and your beliefs and your belief systems. Because I think in today’s age right, where there’s so much information, information overload, shiny object syndrome everywhere, fear, uncertainty You follow the news you could literally just cower in the corner and suck your thumb. And we’re supposed to make it happen, We’re supposed to make good investments, good choices, surround ourselves with good people. And Greg and I had the opportunity to go to a conference a couple of years ago where we heard some really great speakers And between the two of us we were comparing notes on this exact topic And we decided to kind of bring it out to you, the listener, because we didn’t want to keep it to ourselves. Right, It was so valuable, It helped Greg and I so much. So today we wanted to still some of those notes and kind of bring forward and share with you guys to really make it powerful for the listener.
Greg Lyons: 1:56
Yeah, tim, it’s funny. We go to conferences and we listen to webinars and we go to our different masterminds And I always seem like I’m taking like pages and pages of notes And I feel like I don’t go back to them often enough. But in today’s environment, now is the absolute time to be going back and looking at what we have experienced, what we’ve written down and what we’re really living by when the economy was booming. Now is the time that we actually need these lessons that we’ve learned, these different thoughts that we talk about all the time to ourselves. We’re so lucky because we have a partnership. A lot of people are going about this on their own, especially the passive investor. So, unless they heard it from a buddy, they’re flying solo in this whole thing, and that could be scary sometimes where, much like our guests that we can’t book, when they say see you in September, during the summertime, it is how do I go about this in a judicious manner when things aren’t going great in the news?
Tim Lyons: 2:58
100%. And you know what, when I first started listening to podcasts Greg, about real estate investing I always used to hear about beliefs and limiting beliefs and coaches and mindset And I was really confused. I’m like I thought I was listening to a real estate podcast. Like why are they talking so much about mindset, about personal growth and development? I started to hear the names Jim Rohn and Earl Nightingale And like everybody kind of knew these people and I’m like are they economists, are they financiers? Like who are these people? And I was really kind of like I guess I had blinders on, i wasn’t ready to hear it, i wasn’t ready to receive that type of information because I thought I was looking for something different. And now that I’m a little bit further down the journey, that means a lot to me And we have been students of personal growth and development where I used to think that was woo, woo And I’m from New York and I don’t need personal development, i have whatever street cred or I don’t know what I thought, but I was ignorant and I wasn’t ready to hear it until I was.
Greg Lyons: 3:55
Tim, if you think you weren’t ready, now the listeners at home. Tim is really good, he’s really good at speaking and he gets up on stages and everything and lives and breathes us every day. If Tim wasn’t ready to hear the message, yours truly, i was on even the same ballpark as Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn And because, of course, I knew everything already, what I didn’t realize, that I didn’t know what a damn thing I had a base knowledge of real estate and the kind of learning curve that I’ve been on over the last two to three years has just been exponential. The people you meet and the different ideas you’re exposed to. It’s been a lot of fun And I think the one thing that was at the top of my notes Tim from Luke Ren and we’ll get into who that was in a second is that life is not a blinker, it’s not meant to be experienced on and off, on and off, on and off, and like that really resonated. So we were like coming up with what we were going to speak with today. Life is not a blinker, it’s not an on off switch, it just really resonated with me, tim Donnelly.
Tim Lyons: 5:00
Yeah, luke Ren. For anybody that hasn’t seen him speak in person or heard him on an audio or a video, i highly recommend you check him out because he brings the energy, he brings the emotion, he brings the heat right And he really gets you thinking. And when I heard that that life’s not a blinker He can’t just turn it on and turn it off And then he goes right into like, how do you show up right? How are you going to show up every single day? And when you hold your beliefs and your positive beliefs about what you want, how you want to get it, what are you willing to give up and do to make it happen? right? And showing up with that emotion and that energy and being 1% better every day. It sounds when you’re hearing it, it sounds great. I mean, i challenge anybody to go to a conference. If you’re not on cloud nine by the time you get to the airport, you’re ready to take over the world and you went to the wrong conference, right, tim Donnelly? That’s right, luke Ren. That’s kind of how we always are when we leave the conference. Greg and I are always like, oh man, we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that, tim Donnelly. And now we’ve gotten a lot better about implementing and making a strategy, about putting those things into place for our businesses, our personal growth and development, our investing, upgrading our belief systems, because, at the end of the day, if you don’t have the belief system that you’re worthy, that you know how to do something, that you can achieve it. That I can promise you you’re not going to. And I’m going to forget who said this. I think it was Thomas Edison, somebody famous like that. He said whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way, you’re right. Oh, ford said that. Right, and that’s part and parcel of me, of Greg, when we first began to say, greg, you want to do something in real estate. What can we do to make money? We want to live a better, more richer life. But our money mindset was very middle class. Right, it was go to school, get a good job, get good grades. Max up to your 401k, buy a house, pay it off as soon as possible. Right. If you could find something with a pension, even better. Right, there was nothing about network, greg, or inner circle that said equity, business taxes, real estate, passive income. There was nothing really about that. So I challenge you if you are where Greg and I were just a few short years ago, you need to upgrade those belief systems, and we’re going to talk about how to do that today.
Greg Lyons: 7:17
And Tim, i think you always nailed it whenever we were Tim and I talk every day, and when we were first starting out and we didn’t really kind of have our way, we didn’t know what we were doing. We’re capital raisers. Now We’re in the multifamily, self-storage and industrial world. That’s where we’ve niched down and to help investors place capital in a passive manner. But Tim would always say, all right, greg, are you interested or are you committed? And I used to want to throw the phone across the room, but boy, he was so right about that. And it’s kind of like leaving a conference, you get on the airplane and you’re ready to fly the damn plane yourself. Right. But it’s like are you committed to growth? Are you willing to improve 1% every day? And it’s not easy. And the real key to all of this is if you don’t improve 1% one day, don’t make that snowball into two or three times. Right? If you committed to reading every single day, whether it be 10 pages or a whole chapter in a book, and you miss a day because life gets into the way work or kids or family or whatever commitment you have, or you go and do something fun, go to a concert, pick that book up the next day so it doesn’t snowball. Same thing with reading, exercising. Keep improving 1% every day And, whatever you do, you can create your own economy. Whatever the world has going on, you can create your own economy because you’re improving 1% every day And that’s been life changing for me.
Tim Lyons: 8:45
Greg, I want to stack on top of that. That was the interested versus committed was a comment or a quote from a guy named John Aseraf, And he’s in the personal growth and development space, and he talks about inner size. Right, We exercise our muscles to become stronger or more athletic or have a toned physique right, And that’s important to us if you want to live a long, healthy life and whatever. But how many of us take the time to actually do the inner size right, To get up 30 minutes early and read 10 pages a day? right, You read 10 pages a day. It’s 300 a month, that’s 3,600 a year. How many books would that be for you? The average book is, I don’t know, 200 pages, Greg. That’s 18 books a year. If you read 18 extra books a year in finance, taxes, real estate, equity, personal growth and development, leveling up, success, business, psychology, selling, I mean, I can go on and on and on. Right, I mean, how much better would your life be versus sleeping in that extra one half hour?
Greg Lyons: 9:45
And you know what’s interesting about getting 1% better every day. I can do that on inner sizing, but I really feel like, when it comes to exercising, i should probably be at the 5% or 10% per day, because a lot of work has to be done here. So maybe 5% a day on the exercise and I’ll be in a better shape. But it’s really asking yourself how are you showing up, tim And it’s? are you showing up with like 10% of energy or you’re showing up with that 100% of energy every single day? Because that emotion creates action. And when you show up like a 10, you’re ready to learn more, you’re ready to exercise more, you’re ready to expand outside your comfort zone, because you have the belief that you can do it and you wanna learn more, because you show up and you’re present And that is the ultimate gift that you can give yourself.
Tim Lyons: 10:35
That’s it. I love that. And are you committed to growth or the growth mindset, or are you committed to the scarcity mindset? I took that from Carol Dweck with her book mindset right, there’s a growth mindset and a scarcity mindset and there’s really no in between, right? So if you’re committed to growth, what does that mean for you? right, because you could be what’s the word I’m looking for Excited one day. Right, you hear a podcast, you see a movie, you read a book, you hear a great story, or you just realize I’m in a station in life where, or a season in life, that I’m not happy with. Right, and you wanna do something better. And you get all excited And then all of a sudden, like after a couple of days or a couple of weeks, that can wane. But if you wake up every day and you think about it and you write it down, you write down your goals, you write down your purpose, you write down in a journal what are you feeling today? How are you gonna be better? What are your? Reg and I have something called three to thrive. Right, what are the three things that we have to do today to thrive, not only with our business, with Cityside Capital, but with our families, right? I mean being a good dad, being a good husband. What do we have to do today? A lot of things that we talk about aren’t just raising capital, multifamily cap rates NOI, it’s. What are you doing with the kids? What are we doing this summer? What are we gonna do to lead the life that we wanna live? And so it’s not only just business, it’s family, too. Which kind of brings me into the next thing, reg, is proximity to success, right? You grow up in a place where you’re not in proximity to success, right? Maybe you got a tough upbringing. I can’t tell you how many podcasts I’ve now heard from very successful folks that they didn’t have money, they had a broken home, they had crazy childhoods and they’ve made it. And I always. I’m so fascinated, reg, about what separates the wheat from the chef, right? What is it that made those people wanna do it, day after day, after day. And you know what, reg. I think what it finally comes down to is really holding that thought in your mind, right? We can have a thought that can turn into a belief. That belief can make us take an action and that action can lead us to success, but it all begins with that thought.
Greg Lyons: 12:40
And I think, tim, the biggest thing with your beliefs, whether it be about money or real estate, oh, i’m never going to have enough, or I can’t get into real estate. You have to be aware of your current beliefs and where they came from. Right, you’re not just going to change the way you think about something because you read a book and all of a sudden, you’re going to become a house flipper. It’s like no, this is what I’ve been taught about money, this is what I’ve been taught about real estate. So, understanding your current beliefs are going to help. You say, hey, what are the steps I need to take every day to achieve more? And again, that could be exercise real estate, whatever you want it to be, your thoughts about money And when you step outside yourself, find a mentor, find someone that’s had a little bit more success than you. You don’t need to be searching for Elon Musk, the person that is at the absolute top of the profession or the genre you want to be in, but maybe someone that’s one or two steps ahead of you. How do you get closer to that person? How do you learn from that person? Because that’s not an exponential leap someone that’s one or two steps ahead of you, but they figured out what are their everyday steps to achieve more And that, i think, really helps people get out of neutral and into drive and showing up with energy and learning all those different things. But what are the beliefs if you’re thinking about this right now? and what are my beliefs right now about money? What are my beliefs right now about real estate? How do I get curious, how do I get excited And how do I update my thoughts more to expand what I’m thinking about?
Tim Lyons: 14:19
Yeah. I mean, are my beliefs correct? Are my current beliefs about money, about life, about success, about investing, about wearing them today versus where I want to be in three, five, 10 years? Are they correct? And if not, how do you upgrade those beliefs? And Luke Wren talks about our minds being like a computer program. Right Like if you’re still working on MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows, the original version. Right Like your computer isn’t working too well right now. Right, tell me if you can open up a Google Doc using those old school programs. And the answer is going to be no, right. So are you constantly upgrading your belief systems? Are you upgrading and surrounding yourself with a coach, a mentor, a mentorship, a what do I want to say mastermind? Are you doing that right? And are you taking those steps of listening to the podcast, turning off the radio? I mean, i created a university on wheels. I mean people have used that term before right, to my commute back and forth to the firehouse, back and forth to the hospital. When I was doing that back and forth to my rental property, when I had my first rental property, i used to love to listen to country music all day, every day, right, or talk radio And I had to make a change right. I started doing audible books right. And then my local library apparently had a Frio download system and everybody knows me knows that love free right. 10 books a month, right.
Greg Lyons: 15:35
Speaking my language, speaking my language, and I pirated the password from you. I loved it.
Tim Lyons: 15:40
Yes, it was awesome, right, because we were listening almost together, right, like I would say, greg, i just listened to this book, right, like whatever book it was, and then he would listen to it And then we had something to talk about. Right, keep each other accountable on the same page. And it was amazing to do that. So I challenge everybody out there if you don’t have a brother that’s on the same journey as you will, go find somebody right. Go find bigger pockets, a meetup, a mentorship, a conference, right, network, because it’s always so much better to have that accountability.
Greg Lyons: 16:09
And then when you go from the podcast or having an accountability partner, tim, you took the major step in hiring a coach, which, again, i wasn’t ready for, not ready for that, not ready for a mastermind. But you hired a coach, a guy by the name of Trevor McGregor, and he added so much value to our operation just by the thoughts he had, and it was really leveling up kind of your mindset. And your mindset became so contagious to me, to my family and kids and your kids, and it really became a thing And this was going on during the pandemic where it was really really easy to say, ah, that’s okay, there’s no time or nothing’s happening right now, the world is shut down. And you were the inspiration for me that said no, we are pedaled to the metal right now. And one of the things I was going back to my notes and I saw Trevor McGregor’s three bridge questions And I thought about that for this podcast, because these three questions really make you look inside yourself a little bit. And the three questions are number one is I’m beginning dot dot dot, i’m becoming dot dot dot And I’m allowing myself dot dot dot. I think, tim, when you take a look at those questions and you could take them one by one and I’ll throw it to you. But when you say, i’m beginning with dot dot dot, what does that mean to you?
Tim Lyons: 17:40
So, greg, it’s funny that you bring up these questions because God love Trevor McGregor. So, like I said, the fact that he took me on with the amount of limiting beliefs and probably brick walls that I had built around my ego and myself and he agreed to work with me and he did a phenomenal job at Trevor remains a dear friend to this day. He had a breakdown, some massive, massive limiting beliefs. So when these three questions I still remember doing this little exercise because he gives you homework to do every week And I don’t have my notes in front of me but I remember writing down. I’m beginning to think that I could be successful one day. Now, think about that, greg. I mean I was at the time. I was a dad of three girls, i was a firefighter in New York City, i was an ER nurse. I owned a three family property. I have a family that I love and they love me, right, the bills are paid. Two vacations a year, i’ll pull in the backyard. And to me, i was still looking. I wanted to do, be and have more right, and I didn’t know what that meant yet. I didn’t even know that it was attainable.
Greg Lyons: 18:41
Well, you and I were both contained within our comfort zone.
Tim Lyons: 18:45
Oh, squarely in the comfort zone, right. So I remember writing down on my notebook. I said I’m beginning to think that I could be successful. I mean, this was a couple of years ago and that’s what I wrote down. And then I’m becoming a real estate investor, I’m becoming a capital raiser, I’m becoming a thought leader, right, And I’m writing these things down because he was counseling me to do this, right. And I’m like Trevor, I don’t know that I’m doing this correctly, Like is that a right answer? I’m not really sure dude Like he was, like just right, put the pen to paper And then I’m on my mind.
Greg Lyons: 19:16
Your mind doesn’t know the difference. I’m becoming a real estate investor. I think we had like $4 invested at the time. So for us to be calling ourselves real estate investors, most people would say, hey, you’re off the reservation. But your mind doesn’t know the difference. When you’re telling your mind something I’m becoming a real estate investor, your mind believes it. So I always tell the kids no negative self-talk around here. So I can’t do it, i can’t get out of bed, i can’t make a shot, whatever, it is no negative self-talk. So for you to have the strength to say I’m becoming a real estate investor is the first step, 100%.
Tim Lyons: 19:55
And, greg, that last one I’m allowing myself And when I first saw that question I was kind of like come on, trevor, like dude, what are we talking about here? I’m allowing myself, like I’m like a 30-something year old man, but I’ll allow myself to do something Right Again all these limiting, deep, limiting beliefs. When I finally got myself into a place where I was ready to answer these questions, greg, i’m allowing myself to become a successful real estate investor. And just by saying it out loud, by writing it down on the paper and I wrote it down for a couple of days after that, i remember this And like I just felt better inside, right, i felt like I had clarity when I was reading books or hearing podcasts. I was hearing them through a different lens or seeing them through a different lens, right, and it sounds woo-woo, it sounds a little crazy sometimes, like I don’t even know if I’m doing it right. It’s kind of like meditation, greg. I’ve tried it like 85 million times. Don’t know if I’m doing it. Right, i start and I stop, but it’s taking that step forward. Right, it’s allowing yourself to say what is possible. Right, because people will always say that you will do more to avoid pain than to seek pleasure. Right? So, like right now, in this uncertain time, everybody’s closing ranks. Right, i’m going to keep my money in a savings account. I’m going to keep my money in the checking account. It’s safe, it’s liquid, i know where it is. I hear about inflation, but you know what? I can still pay for the pizza. I can still go out for dinner. I can still buy a car if I need to Like. But we don’t see the bigger picture sometimes. So we’re doing more to avoid some pain than we are to gain that pleasure.
Greg Lyons: 21:25
Yeah, i mean it’s funny about that is that you know. Just going back to meditation, you’re someone that I’m pretty sure has kind of grown the most over this last decade, right Your mindset, the way you attack things. It’s just been a pleasure to be alongside you for the whole thing. Thank you, i will tell you and the folks listening. My point to him is tried meditation. He’s not getting 50 friggin times. There is something about turning that mind off that just is not resonating. And I know no negative self-talk but my boy cannot meditate. He could fall asleep standing up but he cannot meditate.
Tim Lyons: 22:04
My leg is tapping. What am I doing today? Oh my God, back up the coffee a little bit.
Greg Lyons: 22:09
I mean, come on, it’s not a good scene.
Tim Lyons: 22:14
But you know what I’m willing to try, i’m willing to allow myself to try to give myself a little space for grace, and that’s the other thing too is like look, greg and I have invested in a couple of deals that we haven’t done as general partners but what we have done as, say, limited partners, and one of them stopped paying distributions I don’t know Almost a year ago, greg, right, because they had some debt that they had to take care of. And listen, it is what it is right. We believe in the project. We know it’s going to be a smoke and home run but, like some people, that might have been a failure. like, oh, you know what, i picked the wrong horse in the race. You could have expected the Fed to raise interest rates by 500 basis points inside of a year, right, but we allowed ourselves to take that action And listen, it could have worked out horribly, but it didn’t, right, but we allowed ourselves to take that chance And you know what? I think that we’re going to be rewarded for it. Greg, i want to know the three types of people that Lucren talked about during that speech a couple of years ago. He spoke about those that make it happen, those that let it happen and those that ask what happened, and Greg take us through a couple of those.
Greg Lyons: 23:22
Yeah, those that make it happen. Those are the people you want to be around, not necessarily in real estate, but in life in general. Those that make it happen. You know they’re making it happen. I think sometimes people question why is a person doing that? Why is that lady doing that? They have a nice job or they have this, that or the other thing, but those people are going for it. I think Tim and I talk about this a lot just in our regular conversations, like, hey, do you see what So-and-So is doing? That’s fantastic. Not, oh, he’s going to fail or she’s out of her mind. They are making it happen. So when you run into those people that are making it happen, study them, check out what they’re doing. It doesn’t mean you have to become an expert in wholesaling or flipping and stuff like that. I’m never going to become an expert in that And I may never flip a house in my life. But study the mindset of So-and-So and that is making it happen. And I think you can learn a lot, even from different industries. You can learn a lot from people that are just saying I want more, i’m going to make it happen. And yeah, i mean, you’ll just learn so much.
Tim Lyons: 24:29
And that second one, greg, is those that let it happen to them. I mean that was me. I mean, raise your hand right now If you’re driving in your car, you’re out for a walk and you’re saying to yourself I should raise my hand, letting life happen to me, versus going to make it happen. right, and that was like my big turning point. right, i mean right before. I mean, this is the summer of 19. I read Rich Dad, poor Dad, on the beach at the Outer Banks with my family, greg’s family, my dad, right, my brother Brendan and his family. And I was letting life happen to me, right, i didn’t know what my direction it was going to go. I had a steady job. I had a paycheck every two weeks. I was working in the hospital, things were good, bills were paid. Yeah, i get. okay, i can maintain this. but then I should never ask myself how come I don’t have this or how come I don’t feel like I’m successful here, like because I was just letting it kind of just go, versus being defiantly committed to the outcome of being successful, being a real estate investor, building up streams of passive income, taking the action of getting educated and then buying a three family property. Like that type of divergence of letting it happen to you versus make it happen was really key for me And because I didn’t want to be the third person, greg.
Greg Lyons: 25:42
Well, before you say anything, those that let it happen. I still remember him reading Rich Dad, poor Jed, because the dude didn’t get out of the chair on the beach for five frigging days, kids running around, crazy. I think he got sunburned and put a sunscreen on because he just sat there and read, Working on it. Yes, we all remember you reading that book, but the difference was you didn’t put it down and never think about it again because between August and that November you had bought a three family apartment building. Like you were done letting it happen. You were done letting life happen to you and you took action, and I mean you already sold the three family for a tremendous profit. But even if you sold it and broke even, you learned so much from it. It gave you the direction of I’m not going to be an active investor, i’m going to be a passive investor. You learn from it and that’s been fantastic.
Tim Lyons: 26:38
And I’m going to butcher this, but there’s a book out there that was written by a hospice nurse. You know the name of that, right.
Greg Lyons: 26:44
No, but you’re going to destroy whatever.
Tim Lyons: 26:47
I’m going to destroy the title, so I’m going to have to maybe research it before and we put it in the show notes. But there was a hospice nurse that had all these conversations with people, obviously in their last couple of days of life, couple of weeks of life, and it really talked about like what was important to them in those last moments, right, and a lot of the things she heard was the pain of regret, right. And the third type of person that I wanted to talk about were those that make it happen, those that let it happen, but then those that ask what happened? right, and I didn’t want to be that person. I didn’t want to be the retiree or on my deathbed and say you know what? I should have taken that chance with Greg to start a company back when I was in my late 30s, but I didn’t, right. I wanted to be the guy that said you know what, greg and I, instead of going down in the pandemic and washing our worries away with whiskey or something like that and watching Netflix and stuffing ourselves with popcorn, we took a swing at the plate and we went down hard. But you know what? At least we took that swing and I was okay with that. And remember Greg and I saying listen, we don’t know where this is going to go, right, but we’re going to do it together and we’re going to take that action because all we can do is go up from here. Right, if we arm ourselves with the education, if we arm ourselves with proximity to successful people who have done the thing that we wanted to do, if we get into the masterminds, let our guard down, tear down the brick walls, upgrade our operating system between our ears like we can do this, like other people have done it before. So why can’t we do it? right, and that’s what I wanted to do. That was my goal in life. And when Greg and I first started this, we said to ourselves you know, what is it that you want, greg? Because so many of us walk around or go through life and we kind of think we know what we want to have in life. And I challenge everybody right now like, think about that. What do you truly want out of your life? Right, because I guarantee you, if I gave you a sheet of paper and gave you three minutes to write down everything that you want in life, you would probably start off with a big house, a great vacation, a nice car, 10 nice cars, a Rolex, i don’t know, college education paid for for all my kids and my grandkids, but I guarantee you you get to like number 30 on the list and you couldn’t even finish it right, because that’s what happens when we go through. I’ve done that exercise one or two times now at different functions and you get to like number 30, number 40, number 50 and you can’t even write down enough things because we’re not even clear about what it is that we want. And I’ll tell you right now. Just making my declaration, i wanted two things really. I want to do whatever I want to do with whoever I want to do it with, whenever I want to do it, right, on my terms. And number two is I want to have options, right, and Reg and I unfortunately have a mom that has advanced dementia Alzheimer’s dementia at 73 years old, has been in a nursing facility since March of 2020. And it’s sad, right, It is really sad, and I just want to have options. So, in case my number is called early, i had the option to do whatever it is I wanted to do when I wanted to do it with whom I wanted to do it with.
Greg Lyons: 29:56
Yeah, for those that ask what happened, i think mom is a great example for us. She really can’t ask what happened anymore. She’s in a place where kind of every day is the same for her and she doesn’t have the option to do what she wants to do. So I think a lot of us are in the accumulation model, where we work for 40 or 50 years to enjoy 11 good years of life, and I think the lesson for her is that our mom’s only 74 years old. So if you work to 65 and she’s been sick for a few years, did she have five good years left? So you accumulate all this, hopefully all this money, and you’re able to spend it in retirement. I think you’re missing the big picture of life. Happens every single day and you choose who you spend it with, what you’re doing and if it’s going to make you happy. So when your tickets punched whatever that is, whether it’s tomorrow or 50 years from now, 100 years from now who knows how long you’re going to live You don’t want to ask what happened or why didn’t I do it, why didn’t I try? And you can get to the end and say I rang out the towel, i did a pretty good job with people, with experiences and relationships. I mean, that is a full, full life.
Tim Lyons: 31:22
So, listen, I challenge everybody out there to play full out, decide to commit and make it happen. Have that make it happen attitude, have that mindset of abundance and play full out right And get clear on what it is that you want and decide how are you going to get there?
Greg Lyons: 31:37
I’m going to leave everyone with this. Brian Bafini, who’s a wonderful sales trainer, has been doing it for a million years, started as a real estate agent and grew a great sales training business And he has a great quote that say most people aim for nothing, and hit it with tremendous accuracy. And I saw that and to go along with the three types of people we were just talking about, it’s so true Go for something in life and you may not get there, but the journey and the fulfillment of maybe just coming up short is going to be well worth the ride.
Tim Lyons: 32:10
Love it. Well, greg, this has been an absolute pleasure to kind of not talk about real estate, per, say, but really kind of take a peek behind the curtain of my journey, of Greg’s journey, kind of where we were when we started, where we are today and kind of how we got here. Because, believe me, believe me, if you’re listening to this, don’t think that you can out limit belief, greg or I, or both together, so it can happen that you can do it. Greg and I are always here to support you. If you want to reach out to us and talk about any of the resources that we use whether it’s coaching, mentorships, masterminds, all that stuff books, podcasts send an email to Tim at citysidecapcom or Greg at citysidecapcom And please, if you can just take a minute to give us a five star rating and review. I mean it means a lot to us. Number one, to recognize that people are listening to what we’re saying, that they’re getting value out of it, that we’re bringing some good stuff to you guys. Any comments to Greg or Tim at citysidecapcom? Let us know if you want to hear about Build to Rent or Single Family or different types of asset classes, because we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the most amount of value to you. But yeah, that five star rating and review will be huge.
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Tim Lyons: 33:41
So that’s going to do it for this episode of the Passive Income Brothers podcast, and we look forward to serving you again next week. Thank you for listening to another episode of the Passive Income Brothers podcast. We would be grateful for your support of our podcast by giving our show a five star rating and review and subscribing to our show on your favorite podcast platform. Don’t forget to take inspired action after listening to this show so that you can start building out your passive income streams. Finally, head on over to citysidecapcom to connect with us and find out more information about how to get started passively investing in real estate.