To better express your objectives in life and business clearly, dive into this episode with Billy Keels as he uncovers the value of having clarity in your real estate goals. You’ll also learn from his exciting journey of putting his theoretical ideas into concrete action and achieving financial freedom. Don’t miss this motivational episode, and start building your vision today!

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Motivations behind people’s interest in real estate investing
Why you should be clear on your intentions and goals before taking action
What makes real estate stand out from other alternative investments
Beneficial implications of real estate in terms of tax efficiency and passive income
The logic behind saving vs. borrowing money from an investment perspective


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How To Reduce Your Tax Bill, The Smart Way –


 Billy Keels,  KeepOn Cashflow’s founder worked in the corporate world before becoming a real estate entrepreneur. In fact, he was one of the best “corporate soldiers” you’d ever want to meet. What made him popular with employers who sent him across the globe to meet with Fortune 500-level clients is the same thing that makes him popular with investors, buyers, and sellers in real estate today… his skills in coming up with real solutions that work in the real world for real people!

Billy took steps and kept on the path to his goals. KeepOn Cashflow is the result of his efforts. Today Billy is an international real estate entrepreneur, problem-solver, author, coach, public speaker, and mentor. He sees opportunities where others often don’t in real estate.

No “overnight success,” Billy continues to work toward his vision and goals. Topmost on his list? Building a bridge between investors and buyers in Europe with sellers in the U.S. Now Billy is leveraging his strengths, his education, his ability to speak five languages, his understanding of real estate across markets, and his leadership and team-building skills to help you find great investment properties in the U.S.


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